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Season 1 Wrap Up: The Best insights on Leadership

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What is the archetype of a great leader? Does leadership come naturally to people or is it something you can learn on the job? What are the skills you need to adopt and nurture to grow into the leader you want to become? 

To wrap up Season 1 of The Recursive podcast we picked some of the best insights on leadership that our guests shared on the podcast. 

Motivational speaker and author Peter Sage sees the archetype of the leader as the sovereign, who is in charge of the orchestra. 

The Vice President Regional Communities Strategy at IT company VMware Diana Stefanova believes that many people have natural leadership skills but you can also develop people-oriented leadership qualities in your managerial role. “Early in our careers, we learn to be great managers and leadership is something that you could develop from a very young age because leaders are those who can inspire. Being a leader is something really important for us to be successful in any type of business”, she explained in the episode. 

For serial entrepreneur Hristo Neychev the best leaders are those who help other humans grow and become the best versions of themselves. 

Helping others, taking the initiative, and being a reliable person is the path to emerge as a new leader according to the Head of Engineering at ProductHunt Rado Stankov.  

For ex-Telerik founder and angel investor Svetozar Georgiev, the leader should be part of the team and in the trenches every day, especially when things are hard. He should be responsible for giving the overall direction but give freedom to people and empower them to do their best work. 

Learning to let go of control and trusting your colleagues to own the process is one of the most important leadership lessons for the social entrepreneur Iva Gumnishka. 

Being comfortable with change and staying calm when facing a crisis are also crucial skills that you need to adopt to be a good leader, says the co-founder of OfficeRND Miroslav Miroslavov. “You should feel comfortable taking risks and replacing the engine of the plane while flying”, he added.  

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And for the co-founder of Imagga and Kelvin Health Georgi Kadrev when you lead by example, you have the learn to accept your own flaws and the flaws of others. “This doesn’t mean to encourage them, but to recognize that everyone is working on their evolutional path. Showing your imperfections is a positive practice, especially when you demonstrate that you have the desire to change”, he shared. 

For Romanian serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Mircea Vadan leadership starts with managing yourself first – learn to let go of control, be the catalyzer in a project, and start things in a partnership. 

Digitalization expert and co-founder of infosec company LogSentinel Bozhidar Bozhanov believes that digital transformation can’t happen without thoughtful leadership. It’s not about the technical issue to change paper with files, but about the ability to convince people that this is important. 

Stay tuned for the start of Season 2 next Tuesday. We kick it off with some of the most inspiring leaders from the Bucharest innovation community. 

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