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How do you want your healthcare plan packaged? SanoPass is betting on the metaverse and NFTs

By Antoanela Ionita

UPDATE: This week, SanoPass announced launching a collection of 10K health utility NFTs, called SanoCubs, […]

The digital artist’s guide to NFT

By Antoanela Ionita

“The NFT world is probably the most dynamic space in the world right now, everything […]

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As the NFT market has grown by 21, 000% in the past two years (by trading volume),  the number of NFT companies in Southeast Europe and around the world has also exploded.  

What kind of NFT projects and companies you can find on The Recursive ?

In 2022, blockchain technology entrepreneurs across various industries are constantly introducing new business models based on NFTs. 

In The Recursive, you can expect to find the latest initiatives in many verticals – from digital art through healthcare and real estate to renewable energy and gaming. In our region NFT development services have been further enabled by the blockchain network of Romanian platform Elrond.

Selling NFTs has also unlocked new revenue streams or at least various growth opportunities for startup companies and digital creators alike. Nowadays, digital tokens are already used for customer loyalty programs, sales of tickets, product authentication, all with the common denominator – better brand engagement.

NFT development companies are the ones that are building the infrastructure for all this to happen. In other words, they’re creating platforms where users can buy, sell and exchange NFTs. They also create games and experiences using NFTs.

Given the industry is still in its early stages, it’s important we share the success stories and best examples of NFT use cases but also discuss more controversial aspects of the NFT craze such as their impact on the environment or how the general public can better make a distinction between hype and real projects.

a visual of the bored ape yacht club - one of the most popular NFT projects

As we believe in the power of community events, besides the topics listed above, The Recursive is also covering numerous conferences and meetups where you can learn more about NFTs from industry experts. If you’re looking for a career in the NFT sector, we’ve got the list of the best NFT development companies you need to know about.

Every once in a while and for inspiration, apart from the trends and startups in Southeast Europe, we will also cover global NFT companies like OpenSea. The largest NFT marketplace valued at $13B has an impressive catalog of digital assets available for purchase through its platform. 

Over there, you can buy or sell digital collectibles from popular video games like Fortnite or DC Comics titles like Batman and Superman.

We’re all curious to see what new NFTs will be created in the future. It’s an exciting time for innovation in digital assets and we hope that articles give you some additional insight into the world of non-fungible tokens. 


Who are the authors covering the NFT topic?

Our authors who are focused on the topic of NFTs are Bojan Stojkovski and Antoanela Ionita, always searching for the next NFT trends and applications.

What materials are written most often?

In The Recursive, you can expect to find the latest NFT initiatives in many verticals. 

Topics range frrom :

  • digital art through 
  • healthcare 
  • real estate 
  • renewable energy 
  • gaming

Can I subscribe to updates on the NFT topic?

Yes. You can subscribe to The Recursive newsletter to get the latest NFT news and insights in your mailbox.