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How to develop product thinking with Rаdo Stankov

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In Episode 8 of The Recursive podcast, Irina meets the Head of Engineering of the American company Product Hunt Rado Stankov. 

A Bulgarian software engineer, Rado was one of the first employees of Product Hunt who developed into one of the best technical leads in the Silicon Valley. 

Rado is а frequent guest at tech conferences and podcasts, sharing his knowledge about productivity, product and time management, and working in a remote setup.

Rado believes that Southeast Europe as a region needs to develop strong product thinking in order to grow and mature as a market. 

In his conversation with Irina, he shares what makes a good product manager. Hint: don’t think too much about the implementation details but what is the use-case and does it make sense for the customer. 

Rado landed his first programming job when he was only 15 years old, but he thinks that the ability to learn and be curious is way more important to become a good software engineer instead of starting early. 

You’ll also learn why at Product Hunt people are not glued to their professional roles but are rather encouraged to contribute with ideas on how to improve the processes in all areas.  

In the episode, Rado also gives some practical tips on how to be productive in a non-office environment and why giving clear success metrics to people as a manager is key.

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