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You don’t need to be perfect to create something purposeful with Georgi Kadrev

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Image credit: The Recursive: Georgi Kadrev and Irina Obushtarova
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In the sixth episode of The Recursive podcast, we welcome one of the tech pioneers of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria Georgi Kadrev

He’s the co-founder and CEO of image recognition company Imagga and Kelvin Health, а startup building a digital solution for early detection of breast cancer through AI. 

A software engineer by qualification and a go-getter by nature, Georgi is driven by the aim to create things that are useful to others. He is also an associate professor at Sofia University where he teaches Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

In this episode, Georgi and Irina dive deep into the philosophy of running your own business and the evolution of one’s consciousness. 

A mission-driven leader, Georgi shares his journey to find the right co-founders, his lessons on how to retain the best talent, and how being aware of your deficiencies can help you empathize with others and lead by example. 

The tech pioneer also talks about the rabbit hole of constantly competing with others in your mind and why more opportunities occur in collaboration.

Georgi opens up about his struggle with health during the push years of bootstrapping a company and how he developed a healthier lifestyle after that. You’ll also learn what are his hacks of keeping good mental hygiene.  

Watch the previous episode to learn how social entrepreneur Iva Gumnishka struggled to fund Humans in the Loop at the beginning and what did it take to turn it into a sustainable business.

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