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How to be the star of your own movie with Peter Sage

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Episode 7 of The Recursive podcast welcomes a very special guest – motivational speaker, executive coach, and serial entrepreneur Peter Sage

Entrepreneurship is his game, but understanding human behavior, and the psychology of why we do what we do has been his passion for the last 30 years. Peter Sage has been traveling the world, writing books, giving lectures, coaching others, running marathons, trying to answer the question – how can we become better versions of ourselves.

In his conversation with Irina, Peter Sage talks about how chasing success for the sake of it is often an attempt to find external validation to fill in an internal gap. 

They explore what is the archetype of leadership, why do most people tie their self-worth to their net worth, and why courage is more important than skills when it comes to overcoming the fear of failure and embracing the fear of success. 

Sage opens up about his six-month stay in one of Britain’s toughest jails as the only non-criminal, because of contempt of court. He shares how he managed to turn that experience into an exciting adventure for learning and helping others. You’ll hear how he managed to get prisoners to trust him and help them get to a place of acceptance and contemplate where would their lives go next. 

You’ll also learn why does Peter Sage counts his failures as his biggest capital. 

Watch the previous episode, where tech pioneer Georgi Kadrev talks about the rabbit hole of constantly competing with others and why more opportunities occur in collaboration.

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