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How Two Unicorns Pushed Croatia ahead of China in GDP Share

By Teodora Atanasova

Today, we will explore a place nestled along the Adriatic coast, a center for progress […]

CEE M&A Deals with a Focus on the First Quarter of 2024

By Teodora Atanasova

In 2024, the M&A environment urges investors to adjust to significantly altered conditions and outlooks, […]

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What is an innovation ecosystem?

An innovation ecosystem is a network of interconnected stakeholders, including startups, investors, research institutions, government entities, and other organizations.  They collaboratively drive technological advancement, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

The Recursive’s Innovation Ecosystem category explores the interconnected networks shaping innovation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This category examines the relationships among startups, angel investors, research institutions, venture capitalists, accelerators and government entities. Accordingly, our aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions that encourage innovation and contribute to the global technology landscape.

CEE ecosystem 2022
CEE is the most efficient unicorn factory according to Google Atomoico – CEE Report 2022

The Importance of Innovation Ecosystems

Thriving innovation ecosystems are crucial for fostering technological advancements, economic growth, and job creation. By understanding the key components and relationships within these networks, we can identify the factors that contribute to their success and learn how to support them. The Recursive is committed to providing in-depth coverage of these ecosystems, offering valuable insights to our audience.

Why The Recursive Covers the Innovation Ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe?

The Recursive focuses on comprehensive coverage of the tech industry, and understanding the intricacies of these ecosystems is an essential part of our mission. So, our exploration of the relationships and dynamics within these networks empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions that drive innovation, economic growth, and social impact.

Types of Content Covered

Startup Ecosystem Analysis:

Stay informed about the latest trends in local and global startup ecosystems, including regional comparisons, success stories, and emerging hotspots.

Policy and Regulation:

Understand the impact of government policies and regulations on these ecosystems, as well as the role of public-private partnerships in promoting technological advancement.

Angel Investors , Venture Capitalists and Accelerators:

Learn about key players in the funding landscape, including influential investors and the trends shaping their investment strategies.

Research Institutions:

Explore the role of research institutions in driving innovation, from groundbreaking discoveries to the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Innovation Strategy:

Delve into the strategies and methodologies that foster innovation within companies, industries, and regions, including case studies and best practices.

Collaboration and Networking:

Discover the importance of collaboration and networking within these networks, including interviews with thought leaders, insights into successful partnerships, and resources for connecting with like-minded individuals.


How do angel investors and venture capitalists contribute to these ecosystems?

Investors provide critical funding and support to startups and entrepreneurs, enabling them to develop and scale their innovative ideas. They play a pivotal role in the growth of these ecosystems.

Who are the authors writing about the innovation ecosystem in CEE?

The Recursive’s journalists that write most often about innovation ecosystem developments are Antoanela Ionita and Bojan Stojkovski.