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How to build a culture of risk taking with Miroslav Miroslavov

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“Do not try to save all the money you can but think about how you can make more.”

It’s time you meet the first guest of The Recursive podcast – the co-founder and CEO of OfficeRnD Miroslav Miroslavov. Over the past few years, he has been building a platform for flexible workspaces, turning it into a global technology company with customers in over 60 countries and employees on 3 continents. 

A former software engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship from a very young age, part of the Telerik mafia, and big tennis fan, Miroslav shares his views about the importance of risk tolerance and risk taking in startups, winning at all costs,  and how to develop a growth mindset as a founder. 

You’ll also learn about what it takes for a company from Southeast Europe to be successful on a global scale and how sport helps him be a better leader. 



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You can also use this link to watch or listen episode 0 of the podcast, in which The Recursive co-founder Irina Obushtarova and The Superhuman Podcast’s founder Georgi Nenov discuss what inspired them to get into podcast storytelling and why they decided to join forces. (You will also have the opportunity how The Recursive name was born and how come Nenov got involved with jiu-jitsu.)

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