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Company NameCountryFoundedRevenueTotal Funding in EUR Team SizeIndustryHiringWebpage
FintechOSRomania201765,600,000 201-500FintechActively Hiring
Umni.bgBulgaria2017 04 - €10k to €100k 1-10Digital media
LogSentinelBulgaria 1-10
Rimac AutomobiliCroatia2009180,000,000 501-1000Automotive
TokinomoRomania700,000 Retail and eCommerce
YoloBookSerbia245,000 11-50Consumer products
TypingDNARomania7,500,000 Fintech, Cybersecurity
EverToysRomania140,000 Retail and eCommerce
BeezRomania1,200,000 Fintech
CitylinkRomania2,800,000 Shipping and logistics
4mind.roRomania2020 04 - €10k to €100k35,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
HumansRomania330,000 HR tech
QuarksRomania115,000 Edtech
StockbinderRomania100,000 Retail and eCommerce
Avocado.redRomania500,000 Martech
KFactoryRomania220,000 Industrial automation
Flip.roRomania250,000 Retail and eCommerce
CartloopRomania300,000 Martech
OncochainRomania380,000 Healthtech and life sciences
The MaversRomania300,000
LumenRomania1,000,000 Healthtech and life sciences
SeedblinkRomania3,515,000 Fintech
IzibacRomania160,000 Edtech
3MinutesJobRomania50,000 HR tech
Apiary bookRomania202,500 Agritech and food innovation
MocappRomania227,500 Martech
MedinavRomania50,000 Healthtech and life sciences
RepsMateRomania50,000 Martech
MachinationsRomania580,000 Gaming
FlexCarGreece51,600,000 11-50Automotive
ProspertyGreece4,400,000 51-250Proptech
EcotreeRomania225,000 Consumer products
TileDBGreece16,300,000 11-50Dev Tools
Hack The BoxGreece12,020,000 51-250Edtech
AugmentaGreece9,700,000 11-50Agritech and food innovation
FerryhopperGreece3,200,000 11-50Traveltech
Viva WalletGreece1999163,296,000 501-1000Fintech
Perceptual RoboticsGreece2,900,000 Cleantech and green energy
BluegroundGreece2013 08 - €100M+222,300,000 201-500ProptechActively Hiring
Anodyne NanotechGreece5,300,000 11-50Healthtech and life sciences
LoctioGreece458,172 Shipping and logistics
CovveGreece0 Enterprise Software
BIOEMTECHGreece386,169 Healthtech and life sciences
Mist.ioGreece721,403 Enterprise Software
Think SiliconGreece1,901,485 Deep tech and space
LearnWorldsCyprus958,977 Edtech
TendertecGreece618,012 Healthtech and life sciences
GuestFlipGreece193,539 Traveltech
RacecheckGreece401,302 Sportstech
SpeenGreece200,974 Transportation and mobility
NetdataGreece29,842,000 Enterprise Software
Lenses.ioGreece7,310,000 Enterprise Software
IntelligenciaGreece0 Healthtech and life sciences
Centaur AnalyticsGreece3,698,000 Agritech and food innovation
Cube RMGreece0 Enterprise Software
BryqGreece1,213,942 HR tech
Exit BeeGreece1,418,827 Martech
Convert Group Seed
B2B WaveGreece0 Retail and eCommerce
QCell P.C.Greece0
bespot.Greece0 Martech
nimbataGreece0 Martech
DTWISEGreece0 Cleantech and green energy
NanoplasmasGreece144,802 Healthtech and life sciences
CollegeLinkGreece147,972 HR tech
Clio Muse ToursGreece486,432 Traveltech
m-hospitalityGreece437,361 Traveltech
KinventGreece0 Sportstech
TekmonGreece496,078 Enterprise Software
PLiN NanotechnologyGreece345,270 Healthtech and life sciences
SpotawheelGreece19,219,632 Automotive
StasherGreece4,667,026 Traveltech
WeengsGreece9,801,365 Retail and eCommerce
MyJobNowGreece511,635 HR tech
Advantis Medical ImagingGreece676,325 Healthtech and life sciences
Welcome PickupsGreece5,877,310 Traveltech
Home RunGreece1,916,303
PlumGreece39,700,000 Fintech
Project AgoraGreece193,508
Viral LoopsGreece244,733
VedamoBulgaria200,000 Edtech
PayhawkBulgaria2018120,400,000 51-200Fintech
LeanplumBulgaria107,300,000 Martech
ShkoloBulgaria0 Edtech
EvroTrustBulgaria0 Fintech
WorddioBulgaria200,000 Edtech
QuarkVRBulgaria0 Deep tech and space
BoleronBulgaria800,000 Fintech
GtmhubBulgaria2015 07 - €10M to €100M140,610,000 201-500Enterprise SoftwareActively Hiring
DeveliotBulgaria0 Telecommunications
Allterco Bulgaria100,000 1-10Consumer products
PropyBulgaria0 Proptech
UiPathRomania2005 08 - €100M+1,723,000,000 1001-5000Enterprise SoftwareActively Hiring
Kelvin HealthBulgaria2020750,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
OfficeRnDBulgaria201514,000,000 51-200Proptech
DocumasterBulgaria28,000,000 Enterprise Software
AmpecoBulgaria0 Cleantech and green energy, Transportation and mobility
InfobipCroatia2006 08 - €100M+602,607,500 1001-5000Enterprise Software, MartechActively Hiring
PubGalaxyBulgaria0 Martech
HyperscienceBulgaria162,300,000 Enterprise Software
HealeeBulgaria800,000 Healthtech and life sciences
Bob ConciergeRomania11,000,000 Retail and eCommerce
PayByFace150,000 1-10Fintech
LIVRESQRomania600,000 11-50Edtech
BenjamissimoBulgaria750,000 11-50Food & Beverage
Sfera TechnologiesBulgaria110,000 1-10Deep tech and space
WorbeeBulgaria0 1-10Consumer products, Electronics, Enterprise Software
NutritioAppRomania0 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
TapptitudeRomania0 51-200Automotive, Edtech, Fintech, Healthtech and life sciences, Proptech
R-CREATERomania270,000 1-10Cleantech and green energy, Retail and eCommerce
BioSens Vital LtdBulgaria10,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Aurelia Finance OURomania2,750,000 1-10Fintech
FinloupGreece20201,120,000 1-10Fintech, Retail and eCommerce
Infinity Concept OODBulgaria25,000 1-10Retail and eCommerce
Voca AcademyBulgaria50,000 1-10Edtech, HR tech
EnduroSatBulgaria2015 06 - €1M to €10M16,301,195 51-200Deep tech and spaceActively Hiring
TrickestSerbia1,462,000 1-10Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity
PhosBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M3,300,000 1-10Fintech
KinderpediaRomania 05 - €100k to €1M2,700,000 11-50Edtech
TenderlySerbia16,020,000 11-50Dev Tools
ElrondRomania 06 - €1M to €10M1,634,000 11-50Fintech
HyperhumanRomania500,000 11-50Digital media
ONDO Smart Farming SolutionsBulgaria1,300,000 11-50Agritech and food innovation
TransmetricsBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M4,820,000 11-50Shipping and logistics
Software GroupBulgaria2009 07 - €10M to €100M26,000,000 201-500FintechActively Hiring
NasekomoBulgaria4,932,911 11-50Agritech and food innovation
ArchbeeRomania860,000 1-10Dev Tools
Tailent Automation PlatformRomania2015 04 - €10k to €100k500,000 1-10Enterprise Software
DRUIDRomania4,813,071 11-50Enterprise Software
BitdefenderRomania2001 08 - €100M+160,820,000 1001-5000Enterprise Software, CybersecurityActively Hiring
PayneticsBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M2,500,000 11-50Fintech
QuestoRomania1,580,891 11-50Traveltech
MetabetaRomania500,000 11-50Enterprise Software, Fintech
HunchSerbia1,591,000 11-50Martech, Retail and eCommerce
OmniconvertRomania 06 - €1M to €10M1,000,000 11-50Retail and eCommerce
BunnyshellRomania 06 - €1M to €10M2,050,000 11-50Dev Tools
FINQwareRomania523,119 1-10Fintech
OrgnosticSerbia5,100,000 1-10HR tech
SoleadifyRomania2018 05 - €100k to €1M1,290,000 11-50Enterprise Software
BlinkingSerbia 06 - €1M to €10M2,171,408 11-50Cybersecurity
CyscaleRomania548,665 11-50Cybersecurity
LockTripBulgaria3,526,000 1-10Traveltech
SmartBillRomania1,100,000 51-200Fintech
PROCESIORomania1,177,000 11-50Enterprise Software
MetriloBulgaria986,472 11-50Martech, Retail and eCommerce
Product LeadRomania623,307 11-50Martech
AYOBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M508,067 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
MClimateBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M1,500,000 11-50Cleantech and green energy, Consumer products
AgremoSerbia 06 - €1M to €10M649,032 11-50Agritech and food innovation
KanbanizeBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M603,600 11-50Enterprise Software
ElefantRomania2010 07 - €10M to €100M5,500,000 51-200Retail and eCommerce
SmartDreamersRomania 06 - €1M to €10M2,533,284 11-50HR tech
CODA INTELLIGENCERomania800,000 11-50Cybersecurity
YloadRomania430,000 1-10Shipping and logistics
EnhancvBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M200,000 11-50HR tech
FindMeCureBulgaria361,200 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
MedicaiRomania500,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Bee Smart TechnologiesBulgaria512,094 1-10Agritech and food innovation
HubgetsRomania6,020,000 51-100Enterprise Software
HoboBulgaria670,000 1-10Transportation and mobility
BRUNCHRomania250,000 1-10Martech
JobfulRomania854,676 11-50HR tech
GumzzzRomania 06 - €1M to €10M279,500 11-50Healthtech and life sciences
TeadsRomania2,279,000 11-50Martech
Machine Can SeeSerbia77,919 1-10Deep tech and space, Transportation and mobility
CourseDotBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M1,249,516 1-10Edtech
Content InsightsBulgaria4,220,000 11-50Martech
MeetgeekRomania150,000 1-10Enterprise Software
iFactorRomania732,069 1-10Fintech
phyre JSCBulgaria 05 - €100k to €1M1,488,554 11-50Fintech
teleportHQRomania1,000,000 11-50Dev Tools
VideoboltSerbia472,591 11-50Digital media
The OutfitRomania300,000 11-50Consumer products, Retail and eCommerce
Instant FactoringRomania 06 - €1M to €10M500,000 1-10Fintech
Strawberry energySerbia568,813 1-10Cleantech and green energy
SanoPassRomania1,160,000 1-10
ProsFit TechnologiesBulgaria3,950,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
FishingBookerSerbia51,600 51-100Traveltech
Code of TalentRomania455,000 11-50Edtech
StorPoolBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M226,399 11-50Enterprise Software
DigitapRomania300,000 11-50Gaming
XVisionRomania408,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Jarvis NetworkBulgaria1,118,000 11-50Fintech
eBagBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M640,474 11-50Retail and eCommerce
A4EveryoneBulgaria1,190,000 1-10Enterprise Software
VisMedicSerbia10,320,000 11-50Healthtech and life sciences
Biodit Global Technology JSCBulgaria 05 - €100k to €1M1,713,860 11-50Cybersecurity
City ExpertSerbia1,500,000 11-50Proptech
VoxiKidsRomania275,000 1-10Edtech, Healthtech and life sciences
ComarketRomania676,643 1-10Enterprise Software
TeliosRomania172,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Coherent LabsBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M500,000 11-50Dev Tools, Gaming
FashionUpRomania 06 - €1M to €10M2,075,000 11-50Retail and eCommerce
QuendooBulgaria750,000 1-10Traveltech
InnoshipRomania2019 05 - €100k to €1M550,000 11-50Shipping and logistics
PublitioSerbia310,000 1-10Dev Tools
BitebellSerbia130,000 1-10Enterprise Software
SymphopayRomania1,850,000 1-10Martech
MBrainTrainSerbia 06 - €1M to €10M120,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Econic OneBulgaria521,999 11-50Transportation and mobility
BuildconSerbia107,500 1-10Enterprise Software, Proptech
LegalTrekBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M388,000 1-10Enterprise Software
BioSeek JSCBulgaria654,517 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
FootballScoutBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M2,165,000 1-10Sportstech
EscreoBulgaria246,000 1-10
feexersRomania485,283 1-10HR tech
Happy RecruiterRomania1,000,000 1-10HR tech
ConfidasRomania180,000 1-10Fintech
QoobusRomania500,000 11-50Shipping and logistics
PrintivoBulgaria500,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
SecurifAIRomania450,000 11-50Cybersecurity
RecomedicaRomania287,500 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Blugento RomaniaRomania1,120,000 11-50Martech
RoboSelfRomania200,000 1-10Enterprise Software
IalocRomania305,000 11-50Martech
BRIORomania620,000 11-50Edtech
UchaBulgaria 06 - €1M to €10M414,782 11-50Digital media, Edtech
UrbiGoSerbia110,000 1-10Agritech and food innovation, Consumer products
TavanBulgaria86,000 1-10Sportstech
I Rise mechanics 357 JSCBulgaria300,000 1-10Deep tech and space
DRONAMICSBulgaria201412,000,000 51-200Deep tech and space
DocbookRomania250,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
VolaRomania500,000 51-100Traveltech
The RecursiveBulgaria2021 04 - €10k to €100k100,000 1-10Digital media
TDRBulgaria0 501-1000
ScaleflexBulgaria2016 05 - €100k to €1M2,000,000 51-200Enterprise Software
RezoluteCroatia 1-10
Bavachki.bgBulgaria2017 04 - €10k to €100k 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
WiRE FSCyprusNovember 2020 05 - €100k to €1M450,000 1-10Fintech
Bright SpacesRomania20191,900,000 11-50Proptech
Vitesse RunningBulgaria 1-10Sportstech
AugmentBulgaria 03 - €0 to €10k 1-10Gaming
Digital LightsBulgaria2018 06 - €1M to €10M 51-200Automotive
BesteBulgaria 1-10Proptech
Techcelerator | Hexagon VentureRomania0
mishmash ioBulgaria2016 1-10Deep tech and space
Mindset DesignBulgaria2020 03 - €0 to €10k25,000 1-10Healthtech and life sciences
Unmanned Systems BulgariaBulgaria2020 03 - €0 to €10k 1-10Transportation and mobility
LatticeFlowSwitzerland2020 01 - Not available (launched in 2021)2,500,000 11-50Deep tech and space
Typing AI BiometricsCroatia2021 03 - €0 to €10k50,000 1-10Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software, Fintech
Meetgeek.aiRomaniaYes 1-10Enterprise Software, HR tech
Awesome CompanyBulgaria0
SessionStackBulgaria2017 1-10
FoodoboxBulgaria2021 03 - €0 to €10k 1-10Food & Beverage
FinansivBulgaria2019 1-10Fintech
EcardForestUnited Kingdom2021 05 - €100k to €1M 1-10Consumer products, Digital media
KooKoo GroceryRomania2020 05 - €100k to €1M500,000 11-50Retail and eCommerce
Senstate TechnologiesBulgaria2020 1-10Cleantech and green energy
Serafimoski TechNorth Macedonia2019 03 - €0 to €10k250,000 1-10Fintech
Crypto APIsBulgaria2018 11-50Dev Tools, Enterprise Software, Fintech
CallflowBulgaria2013 51-200Telecommunications, Enterprise Software
Company NameCountryFoundedRevenueTotal Funding in EUR Team SizeIndustryHiringWebpage

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