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Content Campaigns for Premium Audiences

Our Mission

As a community-born innovation media, we shine a light on the vibrant startup und tech ecosystems in Southeast Europe. Our mission is to tell the stories of those shaping the future economy in the region and help them get the international visibility they deserve.

We spent years in successfully creating engaging content marketing campaigns for innovative tech businesses Bulgaria and beyond. While there are many opportunities for internal growth, our team is now to entering international markets like Romania, Greece, Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania. 

Our Audiences

The Leaders of the New Economy in Southeast Europe

The Recursive speaks to a community of erudite, tech-savvy and critically thinking audiences of business and tech young professionals. They are the current and future affluent leaders of the new economy: founders, investors, decision-makers, product innovation and IT professionals. 

They filter information and are hard to reach via traditional media channels. They have a can-do mentality. They admire the entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset. They were born and raised in the age of digital. They are early adopters and trendsetters in the new economy. 

We help innovative businesses in Southeast Europe get the international visibility they deserve

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Innovation Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to corporate innovation, communication both external and internal might be just a part of the necessary efforts. But if one considers that the actual goal of  innovation is providing value to customer and market success, then innovation marketing plays a very important role in the process of reaching those customers and markets. 

You have been working hard on developing a successful innovation program in your organization – may it be intrapreneurship, an accelerator, open innovation and CVC. Let us help you communicated this to those stakeholders who want and need to know about it.  


Go-to-market Workshops & Campaigns

In Partnership with

You are starting a new business, launching a new product and entering a new market? Congratulations! We actually know how much work you’ve put so far. We also know how important it is to work with a partner who actually understands your product and target audiences. 

When it comes to rolling out a successful go-to-market (GTM) strategy, choosing the right communication and marketing can help you save lots of money, time and efforts. We believe it all starts with sharping your positioning and narrative – and putting the customer at the center. This is why we designed a Go-to-market (GTM) workshop aiming to facilitate exactly this process. 

Further, our team of seasoned content editors can help you create compelling content marketing campaign but also pick the right channels to share them with world. Because it is as they say: The stories we tell literally change the world. 


Employer Branding Campaign

When it comes to attracting and retaining the new generation of rockstar talents, an authentic employer brand is essential. Employers today must go beyond the cliche bullshit talk and speak real about their values, mission and purpose. 

We can help you share the story of what makes your company unique, who are the heroes behind your success and how do you apply technologies to provide value to customers, using a broad variety of text and video formats. 

From branded stories and interviews with the leadership or IT professionals over guest articles by experts in your team to an employer branding videos – let us be creative here.  

Community Online & Hybrid Events

No matter if want to connect to potential talents or scout for innovative ideas, we help you engage with premium audiences. Our team has experience with putting together panel discussions, moderating cozy fireside chats and hosting presentations providing know-how with the regional tech & startup communities – both live & online

In this process of event management, we you can rely on us to take care of the event promotion and content creation, platform and speakers management, moderation and video production of an after-movie, so that you can focus on the content. 

You can take part in one of our events series like Talent Talks, Innovators’ Fireside Chat or The Big Reset Conference or let us help you organise your own internal or public event. 

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