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Bulgaria Innovation Hub is looking to help more high potential startups expand to the US

By Bulgaria Innovation Hub

“We find the accelerator program at BIH extremely valuable to portfolio companies looking to expand […]

Packaging innovations, Part 5 with LAM’ON: compostable foil and film

By Antoanela Ionita

The EU ban on single-use plastics was enforced across member countries on July 3rd. EU’s […]

Mina Mutafchieva, VC investor at Dawn Capital – “Number 1 criteria for CEO evaluation is how good they are at attracting amazing talent”

By Elena Vrabie

Mina Mutafchieva Van Ingelgem is a Bulgarian-born Venture Capital investor that has recently become a […]

Which innovation books do SEE ecosystem leaders recommend?

By Elena Ivanova

At the peak of the summer, The Recursive team is gathering a list of innovation […]

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Fintech Innovation in SEE

Biometric Payments: trends, insights, and key players in Southeast Europe

29th Jul 2021

Get into the biometric payments market in Southeast Europe and learn about the latest innovations around the world as well.

Buy-now-pay-later: trends, insights and key players in Southeast Europe

29th Jul 2021

In this deep dive, we explore how is the BNPL market in Eastern Europe developing, and who are the regional major players in the sector.

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