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Digitalization can’t happen without leadership with Bozhidar Bozhanov

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In episode 10 of The Recursive podcast, we meet with Bozhidar Bozhanov, the co-founder of cybersecurity company LogSentinel. 

He’s also one of the driving forces behind the digitalization of the public sector in Bulgaria. 

A software engineer with a passion for technology and an active citizen stance, Bozhidar has a talent for explaining complex topics. 

His company Logsentinel offers an information security product, which allows companies to track every single event that takes place in their information and digital infrastructure, and then find fraud and anomalies in the data. Among its clients are banks, payment service providers, insurance companies, etc.

But Bozhidar has also been a vocal supporter of open data and e-governance. As an expert, he has helped the Bulgarian government implement both in its work. Most recently he’s been an advisor to the Commission for Digitalization and e-governance in the Bulgarian National assembly. 

In his conversation with Georgi, he shares how he balances running a startup and being an expert, involved in the innovation of the public sector. 

He explains why he believes that e-government is the basis of trust between people and government and how he aims to help Bulgarian citizens engage and communicate easily and digitally with Bulgarian institutions. 

Integrity and transparency are the values that Bozhidar cares about both in business, and in politics. He explains that for him the key to gaining clients’ trust in the infosec sphere is being a technical person who speaks their language. 

We also learn that it’s the love of challenges and the joy in solving problems that led him on an entrepreneurial journey. “Solving a problem that exists out there and that is not yet properly solved, or there are parts of the market that are unserved, combined with the knowledge and the expertise of the founders, is kind of the recipe for creating a startup”, Bozhidar says. 

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A devoted blogger, Bozhidar talks about how blogging helps him organize his thoughts and writing is his driver to research and dive deep into the topics that interest him. 

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