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Romanian Early Game Ventures Officially Launched €60M Fund II to Propel Tech Startups Across the Region

By Teodora Atanasova

In a nutshell Romanian Early Game Ventures launches its second investment fund, with the total […]

CEE’s Largest Institutional Fund: Gearing up to Back Sector Focused VCs

By Elena Ghinita

Despite the year-long delay in receiving the latest batch of EU money which arrived in […]

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How to find investors?

If you’re a tech entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, you’ll need access to capital. That’s where tech investors come in.  They are individuals or organizations that provide capital to tech companies in exchange for equity or other financial returns.

example of tech investors

What do tech investors do? 

Investors, be it business angels or venture capitalists, understand the tech industry and the risks associated with investing in startups. They provide the funds needed to help startups scale, expand, and develop their products and services.

When it comes to evaluating potential company investment, tech investors look for companies with promising products and services, strong management teams, and potential for growth. They’ll also consider the company’s competitive advantages, scalability, and potential to disrupt the market.

Tech investors can provide more than just capital. They can provide strategic advice, open doors to potential customers, and help with recruiting. They can also provide a valuable network of contacts and resources to help a startup succeed.

These people are also great resources for entrepreneurs who need help navigating the often-complex world of venture capital. By working with an experienced investor, entrepreneurs can gain access to capital, advice, and industry connections that can help them take their business today to the next level.

Investors in Central and Eastern Europe

Investors in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are attracted to the region’s attractive economic growth prospects and exceptional tech talent. 

They have been drawn to the region due to the higher risk-adjusted returns available compared to other developed markets. In addition, the region offers good  macroeconomic stability and a population that is young, educated, and affluent. 

The region has become an attractive destination for foreign direct investment, as well as for private equity and venture capital investors. The growing number of private equities, venture capital funds and other specialized investment vehicles are also contributing to the region’s attractiveness.


Who are the authors in the investors channel? 

The Recursive’s journalists that cover news about fintech are Elena Ivanova, Raphael Linhares and Antoanela Ionita

What materials are written most often? 

At The Recursive we often interview  the leading VCs and business angels in Central and Eastern Europe. We talk about deals, their investment philosophy, how they do business daily, and what they’re looking for when investing in a startup. 

Some examples include:

Can I subscribe to updates from investors? 

Yes, subscribe to The Recursive newsletter to get the insights from investors in Central and Eastern Europe straight in your mailbox.