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Macedonian Native Teams Grabs €2M To Streamline Remote Work Payments

By Alexandra Khakimova

London-based, North Macedonia-rooted fintech company Native Teams has raised €2M from investors led by the […]

6 lessons from working parents on how to normalize kids in work

By Elena Ivanova

“Sometimes when my daughter plays with her dolls, she tells her grandma not to bother […]

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Working from home has been turning into the “new normal” for the past couple of years. It was in 2020 when more and more people had to start working from home, however such jobs have existed long before. 

They usually allow you to set your own schedule and work when it’s convenient for you. It also means that you can do your job from any corner of the world and even become a digital nomad. 

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What are the most popular work from home jobs?

Even though more and more jobs have become available as work-from-home options, here are the most popular and desired ones:

  • Developer – whether Front-end or Back-end, DevOps or any other developer-related job, pretty much all of them can be done from home. 
  • Digital marketing – as the name suggests, anything related to this field can be done digitally. Nowadays more and more marketing jobs are flexible and can be done from home.
  • Graphic designer – working as one doesn’t usually require your physical presence – even the smallest details can be discussed over a call

Other examples of work from home jobs include: 

  • Project management
  • Sales 
  • Online customer support 
  • Recruitment 

Platforms to find work-from-home jobs in Southeast Europe

Many new platforms for job searching have emerged in the past few years, especially in Southeast Europe. Here are some of them.

Examples for Bulgaria:

  • Nploy
  • Joberty
  • Noble Hire

Examples for Romania: 

Examples for Serbia: 

  • Joberty

Authors who write about work from home jobs

The Recursive authors who cover the work-from-home careers are Elena Vrabie and Bojan Stojkovski. They often talk with regional experts in human resources, as well as with workers of remote-first companies to find out the latest trends around WFH jobs in CEE. 

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Work from home jobs are becoming more popular, and they’re great for people who need a flexible job or don’t want to commute to work. The most common types of work from home involve customer service, administrative tasks, writing and editing content for websites, managing social media accounts, doing research online—and even playing games!