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Leadership is helping others grow with Hristo Neychev

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In episode 4 of The Recursive podcast, we get inside the mind of the serial entrepreneur and professional coach, and startup advisor Hristo Neychev

Currently, he is a partner at ST6, a company that delivers consulting services in the fields of software development, DevOps, cloud technologies, lean methodologies, and design thinking. 

In the last decade, he has been an advisor, trainer, and consultant to many entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and other business organizations. 

Driven by his passion for creating new products, Hristo has had multiple startup endeavors and a successful exit to Amazon. Before his entrepreneurial experience, he had an impressive corporate career as a sales and biz dev professional with global names like Shell, Essilor, Henkel, and the Bulgarian IT success Telerik.  

In his conversation with Georgi Hristo talks about how culture shapes our perception of failure, how he learned to fail gracefully, and what qualities he values most in leadership. 

He ponders about how do you know when is the right time to exit your company as a founder and why you should keep your mind flexible and “listen to the music of the Universe” when you reach a milestone decision.

You’ll also learn how Hristo turned to Eastern philosophy in his pursuit of happiness and how daily meditation helps him understand and empathize with others better. 

Watch the previous episode to understand why managing yourself and your emotions as a leader are no less important than managing your team or your product as a startup founder with Romanian entrepreneur and investor Mircea Vadan.

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