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Sustainability meaning

Sustainability is the concept that we should be able to meet our needs for the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

In short, the concept of environmental sustainability means doing what’s best for our planet’s natural environment now so that we can pass it on in good condition for many years to come!   

This type of development includes economic sustainability, social sustainability, environmental protection, and the use of resources in an efficient and balanced manner. 

As per the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, it incorporates various eco-friendly aspects but also health, education, culture, justice, democracy, peace, respect for human rights , employment opportunities , housing , infrastructure, and others. 

The Recursive is a media outlet that covers and writes about the latest trends in sustainable development, with focus on cleantech, climate change, the circular economy, zero waste, and social innovation

Why is cleantech important for sustainability?

Clean technologies, also known as cleantech or sustainable technologies, provide globally scalable solutions to some of the planet’s biggest environmental issues. The term covers products and services that improve operational resource efficiency while driving down costs, energy consumption, waste, and nature pollution. 

The cleantech market is rapidly growing and has been identified as an industry with significant potential to grow even more quickly because of the urgent need for sustainability action. 

According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IAE), for the world to achieve its sustainability goals (such as net zero emissions by 2050), about $4 trillion would need to be invested in clean energy projects and infrastructure by 2030.

Let’s explore several cleantech examples to see what all this means in practice.

On the one hand, clean technologies include many things such as electric motors (such as those used in Tesla cars), solar panels and wind turbines which generate clean electricity from renewable sources like wind and sunlight without producing greenhouse gasses responsible for global warming. 

Green hydrogen that can be used to decarbonize the transportation sector, circular insect products for animal feed, and hydroponics systems for sustainable urban farming are also on the rise.

a picture of wind turbines - a sustainable source of energy

Sustainability is an important issue for the entire society, which many people are working on and trying to solve. The examples here should give you some insight into how sustainability impacts our lives, but there’s still much more to learn on this topic, especially when it comes to the ongoing innovation in the field. 

We hope that our sustainability journal will help you understand the topic better and also give you insights into how to create a truly sustainable business or way of life for yourself!


Who are the authors in the sustainability channel?

Our authors who are experts in sustainability storytelling are Antoanela Ionita and Elena Ivanova, always searching for innovative cleantech solutions and sustainable practices.

What materials are written most often?

We cover and write about the latest trends in sustainable development. 

Our main focus is on :

  • cleantech
  • climate change
  • the circular economy
  • zero waste
  • social innovation

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