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25+ Most Active IT Employers in Bulgaria That Are Hiring Right Now

most active IT employers in Bulgaria
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We see it every day in the news. Layoffs. Hiring freezes. These turbulent times haven’t even surpassed the big tech companies, which were often considered safe in terms of job security.

With the rapidly changing economic situation, Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director, has shared that the global economic outlook has “darkened significantly” in the past months, and we might be facing recession in the near future.  

Difficult times like this force companies to take cost-cutting measures, and more often than not, this means laying off employees. We’ve seen it with giants like Tesla, Netflix, Klarna, and even Twitter and Microsoft. 

To keep things on a positive note, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most actively hiring IT companies in Bulgaria. If you’re on the lookout for a new job in the IT industry and hearing about the layoffs around the globe has made you doubtful, we’ve got you covered.

The Recursive dived into some of Bulgaria’s most popular job boards to find the tech companies that have been actively looking for new talents. We’ve gathered a list of prospering IT firms, both service providers and product companies. 

 The following list is in no particular order. 

This is only the beginning of mapping out the IT companies in Bulgaria. Please feel free to fill in the form if you believe we should add a specific company.

Most Active IT Companies in Bulgaria


Chaos is a company focused on visualization and computer graphics, and making technology that helps artists and designers create photo-real imagery. The industries they serve range from architecture and product design to advertising, television, and feature film.

The company has 11 offices in 8 countries, among which Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Japan, USA and more. Alone in Bulgaria there are more than 350 employees working at Chaos, over 180 of which are in the IT department. 

Chaos is actively looking for people who have experience with and want to work with 3D visualisation. Current open positions include Full Stack Javascript developer, 3D Quality Assurance, C++ Developer etc. 

Find out more about Chaos here


Acronis is a fast-growing cybersecurity company which is dealing with innovative backup, disaster recovery, storage, next-generation anti-malware software and security management.

Founded in Singapore in 2003 and registered in Switzerland in 2008, Acronis is a truly global organization with more than 2,200 employees in 33 locations in 18 countries. There are over 450 employees in Bulgaria, with around 270 of them being in the IT department. 

Acronis is continuously looking for people with experience in iOS development, QA, Frontend and others.  

Find out more about Acronis here


Progress is one of the most recognized names in the IT sector in Bulgaria. After the company acquired Telerik in 2014, the deal of $262.5M stayed in history as the biggest exit in Bulgaria to this day. In a nutshell, Progress offers leading products for developing, launching and managing business applications.

Although the company is officially based in Massachusetts, USA, the office in Sofia is the biggest one with more than 600 employees. 

Progress is continuously open to hiring people of all levels who want to continue their journey in the IT sector, may it be in Frontend, Java Script, .NET, C#, DevOps, QA etc. 

Learn more about Progress here


Sciant is an IT and software development company that develops and integrates specialized software solutions and products aimed at the hotel, tourism, logistics and fintech industries. In 2020 the company also launched its own product – a cloud platform, which offers management of integrations between different partners and systems in the hospitality industry.

The company was founded in Bulgaria in 2016 and it currently has 3 offices in different cities across the country – Sofia, Plovdiv and Yambol. There are over 100 people working at Sciant and the number is constantly growing, with a constant need of experienced developers, may it be Java, DevOps, .NET, Javascript or others.

You can learn more about Sciant here


Strypes is a fast-growing company that offers software development, such as service and consulting in the field of IT infrastructure, application management and digital transformation. It was founded in 2008 in Bulgaria, and today it has 3 offices across the country – in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.

There are over 400 people working at Strypes and the team is swiftly growing. One can find tens of job openings, ranging from ones for Python Developers and C/C++ Developers to Embedded engineers and Java developers.

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Discover more about Strypes here.


Nexo is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of digital assets. It was founded in 2018 and today it is on track to fulfill its mission: to create the bank of the future – a bridge between traditional and digital finance.

The company employs over 200 people and is actively looking for new additions to their team. If you’re interested in crypto and want to be part of a company that’s changing the world of digital assets, you can check Nexo’s open positions here.


Payhawk is a technology company providing financial services solutions for both small and medium-sized businesses and large international companies. Founded in 2018, Payhawk is one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in Southeast Europe. In March 2022, they raised $100m in a Series B extension and became the first-ever Bulgarian company to achieve unicorn status.

The company has teams in London, Berlin, Sofia, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam. Due to its fast growth, Payhawk is continuously looking for new team members who are ready to embrace their mission of simplifying company spending and empowering every business to reach its full potential by automating its payments and back-office work.

Learn more about Payhawk and their open positions here.

25+ Most Active IT Employers in Bulgaria That Are Hiring Right Now,

MentorMate developed its first mobile app before the iPhone came to life. The birthplace of the custom software company is the US state of Minneapolis, but Bulgaria quickly turned into its tech hub. More than 20 years later, what’s important for MentorMate hasn’t changed — they want their people to be able to grow every day in a creative environment without unnecessary bureaucracy, work on challenging projects, use the latest technologies, and have opportunities to shine. Only their scope is now much broader. Their portfolio has expanded to 1,500+ projects, and their global team of software professionals now exceeds 800 in Bulgaria and 1,000 people worldwide.

MentorMate are currently looking for people to join their Software Development team, but also in Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Project Management, Cloud & DevOps and Data Engineering. 

You can learn more about MentorMate here.


OfficeRnD is a Bulgarian product company that develops a platform, allowing easy and convenient management of flexible workspaces. The core belief of the company is that workspaces could be something more – platforms that help you focus on your work, but also give one access to great communities and numerous opportunities.

The company has gone through several investment rounds, the last of which was in 2021 for $10 million. Their team consists of over 120 people, based in 4 offices – Sofia, Atlanta, London and Melbourne.

The team of OfficeRnD is constantly growing and often there are open positions for developers, data analysts, QAs and more.

Find out more about OfficeRnD here.


Leanplum, recently acquired by Clevertap, is a product company that provides a software solution for applications, helping companies to personalize and optimize all customer touchpoints – from the ability to A/B test the product experience to multi-channel lifecycle marketing.

The company was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, but nowadays it has an engineering office in Sofia, Bulgaria. After its recent acquisition by Clevertap, Leanplum is expected to go through an even faster growth and increase its team in Bulgaria and around the world.

Learn more about Leanplum here.


Cognyte Bulgaria is an R&D center of Cognyte – the global leader in investigative analytics software that empowers governments and enterprises with Actionable Intelligence for a Safer World.™

There are over 150 people working at the Bulgarian office and the team keeps growing. Cognyte is continuously looking for developers, engineers, analysts, QAs and other professionals, so anyone interested in the field of investigative analytics can check out their work and open positions here.


Paysafe is a specialised payments platform whose goal is to make financial transactions between businesses and consumers as seamless as possible. The company was founded in 1996 and has been operating in Bulgaria since 2001. There are over 1300 employees in the Bulgarian office, making up ⅓ of the whole company.

Paysafe is mostly looking for software engineers, application support engineers, product managers and many other positions.

Learn more about Paysafe here.


Atos is a global leader in digital transformation and supposedly the best European Managed Security Provider. They provide services in cybersecurity, cloud and high performance computing, as well as consultations and proposals for decarbonisation.

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More than 1000 people work at Atos in Bulgaria and there are over 100 000 employees globally. For anyone interested in cybersecurity, Atos may be the right place.

Learn more about Atos IT Solutions and Services here.


Questers is an IT resourcing company providing a full range of services – from designing, building and managing high-performance teams for their clients.

The company opened its office in Sofia in 2007 and today there are over 250 people on the team. Questers are growing and looking for people with experience in JavaScript, QA, .NET, DevOps, ReactJS and much more.

Discover more about Questers here.


Emerchantpay is a product company and a leading payment service provider, offering online, mobile and POS payments to merchants around the world.

The company was founded in 2002 and it has offices in London, Amsterdam, Manila, Florida and Sofia, which is also where the largest office is located. There are more than 250 specialists working at Emerchantpay in Bulgaria and the team keeps growing.

If you’re interested in Emerchantpay and their openings, find our more here.

25+ Most Active IT Employers in Bulgaria That Are Hiring Right Now,

SumUp is a FinTech company with products and services for point-of-sale (mPOS) and online payments, which make the lives of small businesses easier.

There are more than 200 “SumUppers”, as they like to call themselves, who are working in Sofia, and the Bulgarian office is considered the heart of the company. This is the place where the platform was built and where important decisions are made.

Learn more about SumUp here.


Accenture is an international company that provides a wide range of services in the field of digital technologies, cloud spaces and security.

The number of people working at Accenture is over 600 000 and their offices are spread across 120 countries. There are more than 750 people in Bulgaria and they’re divided into two teams – Technology and Operations. Those in the Technology team are able to work from different locations in the country, such as Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Ruse.

Find out more about Accenture here.


With more than 500 people in their IT department, Sirma Group is among the largest privately-owned Bulgarian IT groups. The company was founded in 1992 and it specializes in IT technologies and software development, ‌implementation and system integration.

The company has offices in several cities around the country – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse and Kazanlak, providing job opportunities for IT professionals for people from different regions.

Sirma is actively hiring people, so if you’re interested, you can learn more here.


Despite Uber not operating as a service in Bulgaria, part of its engineering team is based right here in Sofia, ensuring a high quality for the world’s largest mobility platform. Uber’s mission is to reimagine the way the world moves for the better.

Built in 2014, Uber’s office in Sofia is the first engineering site outside of San Francisco. The Bulgarian team mainly deals with the FinTech services that support payments and ensure financial legality.

There are around 100 people working at Uber Engineering in Bulgaria, and the team is continuously growing.

Learn more about Uber here.

25+ Most Active IT Employers in Bulgaria That Are Hiring Right Now,

DXC Technology is a Fortune 500 global IT service provider with offices in more than 70 countries and a team of over 130,000 people across the globe. The Bulgarian team consists of around 4000 people, working from the offices in Sofia and Varna, and the company keeps actively hiring new team members.

The company provides an opportunity to work and gain expertise in various business areas with a variety of innovative technologies – Cloud computing, Big Data, Digital Transformation, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can do so here.


Accedia is a Bulgarian outsourcing technology company, which provides consulting services, software development and complete IT solutions. The main industries Accedia works in are finance, manufacturing, energy and technology.

The company was founded in 2012 in Sofia and since then it has grown to over 200 team members. If you’re interested in becoming part of Accedia, check out their website and open positions here.


Gtmhub is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing tech companies in Bulgaria. Founded by previous Telerik employees (like many other successful companies in the country), Gtmhub is swiftly gaining new clients, reaching new heights and helping more and more people discover and implement OKRs (Objective and Key Results).

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Founded in 2015, Gtmhub currently has more than 350 employees, working from their offices in Sofia, London, Berlin and Denver. Up until today, the company has received over $160 million funding from investors worldwide.

If you’re curious to learn more about Gtmhub, you can do so here.


Siteground is one of the biggest web hosting providers worldwide. In fact, they’re one of the three companies officially recommended by WordPress. Siteground has also been named Best Employer in Bulgaria for a few consecutive years.

The company was founded in 2004 in Bulgaria and has offices in three cities – Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. There are more than 600 employees and the team keeps growing quickly.

Find out more about Siteground here.


Dreamix was started in 2006 by six young programmers in an apartment in Sofia, and today it has grown to a successful IT company with more than 180 employees. The main focus of Dreamix is investment in its people, who are able to grow with the company and nurture its clients the way that they’ve been nurtured from their employer.

Their work is strongly focused on Java development technologies for back-end and Angular/React for front-end. Dreamix works for companies in different industries – from banking institutions, airline and logistics services, to companies in the healthcare sector.

The company is situated in Sofia and Plovdiv, and the team keeps steadily growing. You can find out more about Dreamix and see their open positions here.


Smule is a music app and a software company, a leader in developing apps for iOS, Android and the Web. Their products enable millions of people to connect through the power of music, regardless of their background, skills or even ability to sing.

The app has become one of the most recognized music applications on the market, but it’s also one of the best IT companies to work at in Bulgaria. After the opening of the headquarters in San Francisco, the company grew and the need for a new office arised. In 2018 Smule opened its doors in Sofia and there are currently over 170 people working in the Bulgarian team.

If music is your passion, learn more about Smule here.


LimeChain was founded in 2017 and has quickly turned into one of the leaders in the development of blockchain & DLT technologies in Bulgaria and beyond.

There are more than 100 people working at LimeChain at the moment, with around 70 of them being in the IT department. With its continuous growth, LimeChain keeps actively recruiting new talents. You can learn more here.


SoftServe is a global IT company with a headquarters in Austin, Texas, which was established in 1993. The office in Sofia opened in 2014 and since then the Bulgarian team has grown to over 400 people.

For the 28+ years that SoftServe has been on the global market, they have been working in the field of software development and the provision of consulting services to companies from all over the world – start-ups or already established names.

You can find out more about SoftServe here.


VMware, which was recently acquired by Broadcom, is one of the biggest and most preferred IT employers in Bulgaria. The core focus of VMware is in the field of cloud infrastructures and business mobility technologies.

The team in Sofia mainly works on virtualizations, management and automation of virtual infrastructures, disaster recovery, analyzing large data sets, cyber security, while the teams in the field of finance, business planning have been expanding in recent years.

There are over 1700 people working at VMware in Bulgaria, with 1400 of them being in the IT department. The company is constantly looking for new talent – if you’re interested, you can learn more here.


SAP is believed to be among the leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions to facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations. The company was founded in 1972 in Germany and opened its Bulgarian office in 2000.

Since then SAP has employed over 1400 people in the development center in Sofia – SAP Labs Bulgaria, and they keep looking for new talent to join their team.

If you want to learn more, you can do so here.

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