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Cognyte named leader in digital intelligence solutions by Frost & Sullivan

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Security organizations are in a perpetual race to keep up with evolving digital technologies and the rise of big data. Technology continues to provide criminals with sophisticated tools to commit crimes and evade law enforcement. At the same time, the increased volume, variety, and complexity of data has made it difficult for organizations to generate timely insights and obtain a cohesive investigation picture. 

To overcome these challenges, government and law enforcement organizations are now transitioning from disconnected and outdated analytics solutions to digital intelligence solutions, often called investigative analytics solutions. Digital intelligence solutions enable a holistic approach to security across cyber and physical domains.  

Digital intelligence solutions fuse and analyze diverse data from siloed sources to: 

  • Accelerate investigations 
  • Provide real-time insight to operational teams in the field 
  • Boost detection and mitigation of threats to cybersecurity, physical safety and business continuity.

Picking the right solution is key.  However, this can be challenging, as technologies, especially machine learning and AI, are evolving rapidly. To help security organizations, and especially their IT staff, select the right solutions, the research team at global analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has released their first-ever Frost Radar™ report for the digital intelligence solutions domain.  

According to Frost Radar™, security organizations spent $12.4 billion on these solutions in 2020, and spending is expected to reach $27.8 billion by 2030.  

The report outlines key trends, and vital solution capabilities, and identifies top vendors

Frost & Sullivan analyzed hundreds of companies in the digital intelligence solutions space, benchmarking them across 10 criteria, to position the leading companies in the Frost Radar ™ based on innovation, breadth of product portfolio, vision and strategy, and customer alignment.  Cognyte was named as a leader. 

Some of the reasons why Frost & Sullivan thought Cognyte stood out

Comprehensive portfolio: Cognyte offers multiple digital intelligence solutions to fit specific security teams’ goals, including: 

  • Situational Intelligence Solutions for physical and logical security needs 
  • Cyber Solutions that integrate cybersecurity intelligence into an organization’s existing SOC 
  • Operational Investigative Analytics to provide field and command center operators with real-time actionable insights for their operations and enable quick resolution of time-critical investigations 
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Scalable solutions: Cognyte’s portfolio of investigative and security intelligence solutions provides customers with the option to add new data sources and capabilities as needed. 

Ground-breaking innovation: Cognyte is committed to providing the most advanced solutions to its customers by continuously reinvesting in R&D to enable faster analysis, improved alerting and communication, and more automated remediation activities to relieve the operator burden. 

Automation & prediction: Cognyte differentiated itself through its ability to automate big data fusion and to use contextual analysis and predictive capabilities to better connect the dots, identify suspicious indicators, and alert operators to potential threats before they reach critical escalation points. 

Best practices: At Cognyte, we’ve leveraged our extensive experience in investigation methodologies to develop digital intelligence solutions designed with best practices in mind.

In Bulgaria and Romania, the company has a team of over 250 people who, together with colleagues from other leading R&D centers, work on complex products that aim to support the analysis of a large database of structured and unstructured data to support leading investigative organizations and governments to make the world a safer place.

The teams of the company in Sofia and Bucharest are constantly expanding, and currently, the company is hiring IT specialists in various technologies. If you are curious to learn more, check their profile and open positions


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