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Join the Biggest List of Digital Freelancers in Southeast Europe and Showcase Your Services

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At The Recursive, we believe that the future of work is flexible and freelancing will become more and more popular in the years to come. People in our community (ourselves included) are often looking for freelancers who can support the capacity of their core teams with various projects. 

Therefore, to make the discovery of high-quality digital freelancers, we’re now making a public map of the gig workers in the region who provide services for technology-enabled companies. Everything from software engineering and UX design through digital marketing, content production, and journalism to HR, finance, and administrative support.

Pitch us your services in the form below until Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022. In the publication that will follow, we’re planning to include everyone who has submitted their info by then, demonstrating relevant experience. If your general area of expertise is not listed as an option, please let us know in the field for additional comments and we will add it as soon as possible.

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Etien Yovchev is a co-founder and Chief Editor at The Recursive, online media dedicated to the emerging tech and startup ecosystems in Southeast Europe. He has told the stories of over 200 ventures from the region and aims to provide high-quality constructive reporting on the progress of the SEE innovation ecosystem, making sure that the stories of promising local founders reach global audiences. Etien holds a MSc degree in Innovation Management from RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam and has more than 4 years of experience in the commercialization of new products, having worked with many early-stage companies and a few corporate innovation departments across Bulgaria, The Netherlands, and the USA.