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From Metaverse Ecom to Dapps, What to Expect at Tech of Tomorrow

From Metaverse Ecom to Dapps, What to Expect at Tech of Tomorrow,
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How are businesses and sectors evolving as a result of technology? What will happen to physical retailers now that the fintech age has officially begun? The new edition of the Tech of Tomorrow conference, initiated by the business media, part of Investor Media Group, will gather professionals from different fields in an effort to answer these questions. is an online news media which covers the most recent events in economics, political economy, business, and finance.

Tech of Tomorrow will take place on October 13, at 1:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Sofia Hotel, Vasil Levski Hall.


Managers across multiple industries will talk about the major technological innovations that will impact the future of healthcare, finance, the urban environment, е-commerce, and the automotive sectors. 

Many accomplished professionals will be among the participants such as Bozhidar Bozhanov, Bulgaria’s first minister of electronic government and an IT entrepreneur, Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Allterco, Radoslav Georgiev, the chief technology officer and co-founder of Gtmhub,  Dimitar Pavlov – team lead of “Network Solutions and Architecture” at A1, Ivaylo Rashev executive director of BSH Home Appliances Group Bulgaria. 


For the fintech enthusiasts, the second part of the conference organized by will dive deep into the topic of digital banks, the role of blockchain and automation for fintech companies, and how AI can make fintech services more accessible. The head of the operational department of the “Bulgarian Fintech Association”Georgi Penev will take part in this panel to discuss fintech regulations, education, and politics.


Trade and cybersecurity will be discussed later on in the program. The experts will provide their views on what Big Data may reveal about consumers, the role of the retail sector in the experience economy and commerce in the metaverse. Increasing malware assaults on the IoT will be discussed in the follow-up and closing panel discussions, along with possible solutions for successful cyber protection. The panelists will provide more details on concepts like ZeroTrust and Securing Cloud Services.

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At the conference, you can hear what some of the most renowned professionals in the different verticals from fintech to cybersecurity have to say about the technologies of tomorrow. The program of the conference is available on Investor Media Pro, where you can sign up and reserve your spots at the conference. 

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