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Green Tech Startups and Innovators, Here Are 5 Events to Visit at ViennaUP 2024

Alte Donau in Vienna - picture to represent green tech startups advancing
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ViennaUP 24, the highly anticipated startup festival, will take place from June 3 to 9, 2024. This year’s program is set to spotlight further the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and impact, reflecting the city’s leadership in eco-friendly business practices and its reputation as the greenest city in the world. The events will feature a variety of sessions and exhibitions aimed at fostering social and green tech startups.

According to the Austrian Startup Monitor 2023, more than 3,400 startups have been founded in Austria since 2012. The proportion of startups prioritizing social and/or ecological goals has increased significantly, with more than half being green or social startups. ViennaUP ’24 aims to explore further the potential for innovative solutions for impact and sustainability.

Creative Days Vienna: A Fusion of Culture and Sustainability: June 5 and 6

The first day of Creative Days Vienna, will take place at Biofabrique Vienna in the Climate Biennale area. The Biofabrique itself exemplifies sustainability in action. It is a pilot project by the Vienna Business Agency and Atelier LUMA, developed in partnership with TU Wien’s Institute of Architectural Design. The initiative focuses on converting unused local resources into materials for architecture and design – one example is how excavated subway expansion material can be used for further construction purposes. 

Impactful Solutions Exhibition: Replicating Impact Success for a Better World: June 4

The Impactful Solutions Exhibition will showcase over 40 initiatives from Europe and beyond that address today’s societal challenges. This event is designed to inspire and educate attendees on how to reproduce successful initiatives in their own communities. From tackling homelessness and childcare to addressing climate change and gender equality, the exhibition covers a broad spectrum of issues. Participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from those who have successfully implemented these solutions, gaining insights to avoid common pitfalls and maximize impact

Smart City Summit: Pioneering the Urban Energy Transition: June 4

The Smart City Summit, another highlight of ViennaUP ’24, will focus on the urban energy transition. This event aims to foster cross-sector collaboration and innovative solutions for the cities of tomorrow. Business leaders, experts, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs will converge to share ideas, explore lighthouse projects, and initiate new partnerships. Supported by the City of Vienna, Wiener Stadtwerke, the Climate and Energy Fund, and Climate Lab, the summit will feature inputs from the Viennese climate tech ecosystem, providing a platform for exchange and potential cooperation.

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Impact Days: Driving Social and Environmental Change: June 5

Impact Days is a gathering where courage and collaboration take center stage. This event invites impact investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and business leaders to unite in addressing complex challenges and systemic crises. The focus is on creating a more just and sustainable future through meaningful dialogue and bridge-building. Attendees will forge connections and collaborate on initiatives that transcend differences, aiming to make a lasting positive impact. Impact Days 2024 seeks to reignite the spirit of collaboration, mobilize substantial new capital, and spark initiatives that resonate far beyond the conference walls.

Brunch with Vienna Planet Fund: Financing a Sustainable Future: June 9

The Vienna Planet Fund, an initiative supporting businesses and founders developing climate-friendly products, technologies, or services, will be a key feature of the festival. With a total of 4 million euros available, the fund covers a wide range of needs, including staff costs, infrastructure, training, and machinery. Attendees can learn about the fund at the ViennaUP Homebase, where Vienna Business Agency experts will provide advice on funding proposals and answer questions. This session offers a prime opportunity for networking with fellow impact innovators, all while enjoying traditional Viennese refreshments.

ViennaUP ’24 promises to be a landmark event for the global startup ecosystem, particularly those focused on impact and sustainability. With a diverse range of events and a strong emphasis on practical, replicable solutions, the festival aims to inspire and empower participants to drive positive change in their own communities. As Vienna continues to lead in green tech startups initiatives and eco-friendly business practices, ViennaUP ’24 aims to serve as a key platform for fostering innovation that can address the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time. 

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