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How to measure success with Radoslav Georgiev from Gtmhub

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Next on The Recursive podcast we welcome Radoslav Georgiev . He’s the co-founder and CTO of the Bulgarian OKR management software Gtmhub.  

OKR stands for objective and key results methodology for goal setting in business. 

Together with his co-founders, Rado is part of the so-called Telerik mafia. A term coined for the entrepreneurs who came out of one of the most successful Bulgarian IT companies ever

Radoslav Georgiev started his journey there as a programmer and grew up to run 10 teams of software engineers. Then he co-founded Gtmhub when he was just 28 years old. 

A few months ago Gtmhub raised a record $120M Series C funding round. The largest one in the whole OKR software space. Many see Gtmhub as a unicorn company in the near future. 

In his conversation with Irina, Radoslav Georgiev shares how he came across the concept of OKRs. He explains how this changed his perceptions on how we should measure success in business. 

“We need to switch from output management or basically counting how many things we produce to outcomes management. To be focused on the outcomes we want to achieve and the results that we want to get rather than the effort that we are going to put in”, Radoslav Georgiev explains.

He also shares how the OKR-driven approach can actually help managers validate their intuitions. 

“When you start implementing anything new, there is always this euphoria about the novelty. Everyone is super excited about the new thing. We are going to conquer the world with this. Then sometime five-six weeks down the road people get into the daily stuff. This is normal. They get bogged down into the daily grind. They start forgetting about this. So, it’s very important to have the OKR champions facilitating this process in their organisations. We see now that a lot of our customers are making this an official role in their organisations”, Radoslav Georgiev concludes.

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