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20+ Annual Startup Events in Europe to Boost Your Knowledge, Network and Inspiration

startup events in Europe
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Arriving at a tech event comes with a certain degree of thrill and excitement. The people you’ll meet, the conversations you’ll have – one never knows when an irresistible business opportunity might present itself.

Well, this is the magic of it after all. Tech events put founders, investors and other ecosystem players under one roof, and this can only lead to something good. 

Attending conferences is an integral part of the world of an entrepreneur, and you’ve probably realized this already. If you’re on the lookout for the best tech and startup events in Europe – we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of what’s happening on the continent, divided by regions, and in no particular order!

Tech & Startup Events in Central Europe

Alpha Wolves

Alpha Wolves is an exclusive 2-day forum in Warsaw, Poland, as well as online, that aims to connect venture capital LPs with fund managers and high-growth scale-ups.

Website | Location: Poland


Wolves Summit

If you’re looking for a startup event in Europe, look no further! Wolves Summit is an  online and in-person event, usually taking place in Poland, but 2022 is the first year that the conference is happening in a different country – Austria. Wolves Summit is a CEE-focused event that aims to inspire tech innovation, more investments, and assist tech companies recruit the best regional talent.

Website | Location: Poland


Podim DX

Taking place in-person in Slovenia and online, the Podim conference aims to open up new business opportunities for innovation leaders, by meeting them with investors and encouraging knowledge-exchange.

Website | Location: Slovenia


Next Round Conference 

Next Round is a VC-focused CEE conference that facilitates strategic and deal-making discussions between the European investment community and EU institutions. The event is exclusive and application is needed to get a ticket.

Website | Location: Slovenia


Infobip Shift

Infobip Shift is a developers conference, taking place in Croatia and bringing together the global tech community – devs, software engineers, product owners, founders and others. The conference happens in a hybrid form and promotes learning, networking, innovation, all dedicated to people passionate about software.

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Website | Location: Croatia

Wolves Summit archives
Photo credit: Wolves Summit 2021 archives

Tech & Startup Events in Eastern Europe

How to Web

How to Web is the “mecca” for startup founders, investors and business leaders in Eastern Europe. The conference is dedicated to connecting innovative minds with the possibilities of tomorrow, allowing you to meet key figures from the ecosystem and upgrade your professional know-how.

Website | Location: Bucharest, Romania


Innovation Explorer

Innovation Explorer is an annual event held in Sofia, Bulgaria that gathers business leaders with big and inspiring ideas, coming from all around the world. Each year the conference focuses on a specific topic, and in 2022 Innovation Explorer was held under the title “Think Further”. 

Website | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria


DigitalK Conference 

DigitalK is one of the leading events in Bulgaria about digital transformation. It gathers global business leaders, founders, investors and digital marketing professionals, and features a startup competition.

Website | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria


Techsylvania Conference

Techsylvania conference takes place in-person in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and online. This is the place where business and tech meet, and it features keynotes by regional tech leaders, the Startup Avalanche pitching competition, and technical workshops.

Website | Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Bucharest Tech Week

Bucharest Tech Week is one of the largest tech festivals in Romania. It’s usually divided between the Business Summit, which is where panel discussions and keynote take place, and the Tech Expo where tech junkies have the possibility of testing different gadgets. 

Website | Location: Bucharest, Romania


SEE ITS Summit

The SEE ITS Summit takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria and aims to boost the development of the regional ecosystem and position Southeast Europe as a leading outsourcing destination on the world map. The event is accompanied by the SEE ITS Awards, which honor the efforts of local companies, investors and governments for contributing to the growth of the ITS ecosystem. 

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Website | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria


Webit Festival

Webit is an annual event combining a conference agenda bridging the startup, enterprise and policy worlds, and a startup challenge presenting the most innovative companies in Europe and the world. Next event is the Founders Games startup challenge finals in winter 2022 where the finalists will be racing for the world’s biggest $6M investment award. 

Website | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Image credit: Techsylvania 2019 from Techsylvania facebook page

Startup Events in Western Europe


The Barcelona-based event combines startup pitching sessions, conference keynote talks, discussions between top industry experts, and networking activities.

Website | Location: Barcelona, Spain Conference Conference is a business tech festival that brings together global CEOs, entrepreneurs, political leaders and industry experts from all over the world to accelerate the rate of digitalization through networking.

Website | Location: Berlin, Germany


Bits & Pretzels

Bits & Pretzels is an annual conference for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, taking place in Munich, Germany during the Oktoberfest. It gathers around 5,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and startup enthusiasts for two full days of learning, networking, inspiration and matchmaking.

Website | Location: Munich, Germany


European Metaverse Summit & Awards

In 2022 the annual European Metaverse Summit & Awards will take place and the event is happening in Berlin, Germany. The summit brings together disruptors, innovators, and nimble giants in the European metaverse ecosystem. The awards aim to distinguish leading companies, embracing Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. 

Website | Location: Berlin, Germany


START Summit

START Summit is one of the largest student-led conferences for technology and startups in Europe that aims to connect young entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations. It features fireside chats, panel discussions, pitching competitions, keynotes, workshops, and matchmaking.

Website | Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland



WebSummit is an annual event, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, that gathers the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, and heads of state to discuss the future of innovation and technology.

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Website | Location: Lisbon, Portugal Summit Summit is an event organized by – the online publication dedicated to the growing European technology industry. This is where leading European tech startup founders, operators, investors and corporate leaders gather with the aim to reinforce the exchange of good practices between Western and Eastern Europe. 

Website | Location: Brussels, Belgium


Startup Events in Northern Europe


The event takes place in Tallinn, Estonia, and online to provide founders with networking opportunities, chance to hear discussions with top international players, participate in pitching rounds and meet their future investors.

Website | Location: Tallinn, Estonia



Usually taking place in Riga, Latvia and online, the conference is one of the biggest startup events in the Baltics. In 2022 TechChill will be held in Milano, Italy. The aim of the conference is to bridge the gap between knowledge, network, and skills.

Website | Location: Riga, Latvia



A business festival in Tartu, Estonia that brings together startups, traditional entrepreneurs, investors, and students, with the goal to celebrate entrepreneurship and connect like-minded people.

Website | Location: Estonia



Slush is a startup event in Finland that’s bringing the global startup ecosystem together. Thousands of startups and investors attend Slush annually and engage in the agenda’s stage program, side events, as well as networking. 

Website | Location: Helsinki, Finland


Startup Events in Europe with changing location


Arctic15 is a matchmaking event, focused on making deals and quality networking. The conference usually takes place in Helsinki, but since 2020 it has also been organised in Stockholm.



0100 Conference

An in-person and virtual event, taking place in different locations throughout the year, that brings together PE and VC investors from Central and Eastern Europe, promotes knowledge sharing and networking with target startups.



*This list is non-exhaustive. If you think we have missed an important event, you can drop us a line at [email protected].

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