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Business and tech meet at Techsylvania 2022 to inspire the brightest minds

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Image credit: Techsylvania 2019 from Techsylvania facebook page
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Techsylvania, one of the biggest business & tech events, is here again. The ninth edition launches this summer in a hybrid mode after two years of online hosting and gives the opportunity for participants to meet in person and discuss revolutionary ideas.

Techsylvania is one of the leading technology events in Eastern Europe, meeting some of the brightest minds from all around the world. The conference will take place in the Romanian city Cluj-Napoca on 28-29 June 2022.

Over 60 international speakers, top leaders in business, technology, and investment, will take to the stage at Techsylvania 2022. Among them are Alina Vandenberghe, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Chili Piper, Mark Porter, CTO at mongoDB, and many other tech founders and managers from companies from Singapore, the US, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Switzerland. 

The main idea behind the conference is to inspire and support people, and companies who want to learn more about how to successfully build a product, or a business. The conference will cover over 20 topics, divided into 5 general themes and each theme covers a variety of fast-developing technologies and industries. The Recursive’s CEO, Irina Obushtarova, will moderate the Impact stage of Techsylvania 2022.

“Our mission is to build a bridge between Eastern Europe and the rest of the world through events, knowledge, networking and business and investment connections. Whether it’s people looking for inspiration or people who want to share valuable information or discuss ideas, this is the best place to be,” said Vlad Ciurcă, Co-Founder of Techsylvania.

The core of Techsylvania is the speakers’ conference. But to get the most out of the event, you can join various workshops and roundtables. 

What to expect at Techsylvania 2022

The event will give you the opportunity to discuss hot issues in today’s world, to partake in activities that are dedicated to skill-set enhancement, to attend a showcase of products from the newest tech companies, and share ideas with world’s leading experts.

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The Startup Alley is a specially dedicated place to startup founders where they could present their ideas to potential investors, business partners, and the media. The Executive Roundtables is the place where attendees can meet the top executives from national companies in a closed group of up to 10 members. The purpose of the discussions is to create engaging conversations that could later grow into business partnerships. And the newest addition to the conference is the Networking Area. It is a place where startup founders can find matchmaking opportunities to introduce their products to investors and professionals.

There are three types of tickets offered, both virtual and in-person – Builder, Premium, and Executive. You can get your ticket for the event here.


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