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Digitalk Conference invites you to deep dive into the future of tech advancements and impact investments

Digitalk conference - speakers
Image credit: From upper left clockwise: Martin Vechev, Tatsiana Zaretskaya, Dex Hunter-Torricke, Arta Zaimi, Lyuben Belov, Ethan Pierse, Iva Gumnishka. Pictures taken from published media sources or professional social media accounts. Secondary source: Canva.
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Digitalk is once again here – for its 12th year in a row, to showcase top trends, innovations, and technology breakthroughs that are shaping the world. To be held in a hybrid format at the Sofia Tech Park, on May 12, Digitalk will bring together leading entrepreneurs and investors to discuss in what ways companies can increase their value in a sustainable way, achieving positive change in their growth journey.

The conference will feature almost 30 speakers coming from different countries and industries – all united by their passion for innovations and positive growth. Sustainable and impact investments will be among the most heated topics, as more and more companies are being held accountable for their sustainability actions and efforts.

The speakers list features the name of Bozhidar Bozhanov (Minister of Electronic Governance of Bulgaria) who will elaborate on his key functions during the time of cyberwars. Andreas Flodström, the founder and CEO of Beetroot will join live from Ukraine to share how they continue to do business from the shelters. Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev  (Professor at the Swiss ETH Zurich University and founder of the Insait Institute in Bulgaria) will talk about his plans for developing world-class innovations in the field of AI from Bulgaria.

Other renowned speakers are Dex Hunter-Torricke (Head Of Communications, Oversight Board for Meta) and Ethan Pierse (Director of CryptoAssets Institute) – they will reflect on what’s next for the web economy in the new decade.

Mr. Lyuben Belov (Co-founder and managing partner of LAUNCHub Ventures) will expose the underlying developments in crypto in our region. Vassil Terziev, managing partner at Eleven Ventures, Atanas Simeonov, Founder of Ocean Investments, Evgeny Angelov, Chairman of BVCA, Dobromir Ivanov, Chairman at BESCO, will discuss the development of venture capital trends in our region.

Tech for Good is in the spotlight

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The CEO and Co-founder of The Recursive, Irina Obushtarova, will moderate a panel discussion dedicated to the topic of “Tech for Good”, or how technological advancements may bring about positive change on a societal level. Top female founders of social impact and climate tech startups will talk about their experience in building a sustainable business, showcasing how you can measure social impact and shining a light on the challenges that women in tech currently face.

Among the speakers in this panel are: Iva Gumnishka – CEO of Bulgaria-based Humans in the Loop, which specializes in fighting social injustice by providing refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants with marketable computer skills; Arta Zaimi – Founder of the Kosovo-based edtech Labbox Education, which brings science, electronics, and computer engineering closer to children across Kosovo; and Tatsiana Zaretskaya – CEO of Estonia-based Laava Tech, which develops technology to help indoor farmers decrease lighting energy consumption.

You can register to attend Digitalk either in person or online here.

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