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Bucharest Tech Week 2022 to turn the city into a tech capital

Bucharest Tech Week
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Bucharest Tech Week, one of the largest tech festivals in Romania, will take place this year between the 14th and 19th of June in a hybrid form. The event will be divided into Business Summits and the TechExpo area, with the end goal of exploring how we live both physically and remotely.

There are over 2000 business professionals expected to attend over 90 exhibitions. The agenda will present over 50 speakers like Anna Nijhuis – Product Marketing Lead at TomTom, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez – co-founder of Notpla, Gabriele Metz – Global Head of Leadership Transformation at Ericsson, and Ismael Mejia – Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, amongst others. 

Bucharest Tech Week Business Summits 

The Business Summits will consist of six stages dedicated to Innovation, HR Masters, Metaverse, Future Retail, Java, and Software Architecture. The common denominators will be innovation, digitalization, and technology or “The Paradigm Shift” of “the new normal”. 

The Metaverse Summit is this year’s newest addition and it will be hosted by The Recursive co-founder and CEO, Irina Obushtarova. As the world is getting ready for the new Internet, it’s high time we dived into the digital realm to see how the Internet will evolve. 

Participants will discover different growth practices and have access to workshops and product demos. They will also have the opportunity to network with over 1000 tech leaders who share the same goals. 

The TechExpo arena 

Tech innovation aficionados will have the possibility of testing different gadgets at the TechExpo arena. For one week, Bucharest will become a tech capital and witness over 350 solutions that can change the way we live, from robots, drones, and electric cars to wearable technology, 3D printing, and smart home accessories. 

The TechExpo zone will feature the main stage for smart content, the gaming area, and a space to test out cars, bicycles, or electrical scooters for more sustainable living. Attendees will also test different VR tools to experience digital life differently. 

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The Business Summits will take place physically at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest, Romania, and digitally on the My Connector platform. The TechExpo will take place at the University Market in Bucharest, Romania, and is free to attend by registering here

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Elena is an Innovation Reporter at The Recursive with 10+ years of experience as a freelance writer based in Bucharest, Romania. Her mission is to report internationally on the amazing progress of the local startup ecosystem while bringing into focus topics such as diversity in business cultures and women in tech; mental health, work-life balance, and the future. Of what? Everything! As a former solopreneur and a full-time mom, she strives to learn something new every day to share with the world. #nevernotlearning