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The fundamentals of value creation never change with Hristo Hristov from HR Capital

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Hristo Hristov is used to wearing many hats. As a serial entrepreneur he was involved in the development of digital media in Bulgaria. But he’s also an angel investor and a partner in the VC fund Eleven Ventures. He mentors startups as part of the entrepreneurial network Endeavor.

Currently, Hristo Hristov is the CEO of the private equity company HR Capital and of Darik radio. In this episode, he goes back to his journalistic background (from his internship at BBC to his first entrepreneurial project with digital media) and shares how it has shaped his entrepreneurial journey. “Content and journalism is where I saw a big market which was underserved. It’s like the blockchain now. You had the infrastructure, but there  was nothing there yet,” Hristo Hristov reflects. 

In his conversation with Irina Obushtarova, Hristo Hristov also talks about the business values he has inherited from his late father Radosvet Radev, one of the most prominent figures in Bulgarian business. “The fundamentals for building a company, for entrepreneurship, for helping out your fellow community, for being an active part of society are the same. They don’t change”, Hristov believes. 

He adds that he is now much more reflective on passing the baton to the next generation. “Тhat’s our role now – to help the ones that are coming, so that they don’t feel this barrier between generations”, Hristo Hristov says.

This is also his mission with the private equity company HR Capital IPO.  He explains why it is important to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

In the episode, he also reflects on the role the first Bulgarian unicorn will play in the development of the regional ecosystem.

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