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How to build a brand people trust with Peter Mitev from Chaos

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Today, on The Recursive podcast we welcome one of the few engineers to have walked on the red carpet in Hollywood. Peter Mitev is the co-founder of the software company Chaos. And owner of Oscar and Emmy awards for technological achievements

The company offers technology for rendering and 3D visualizations with applications in design, architecture, and the  entertainment industry. Two months ago, Chaos announced a merger with the German Enscape to begin the next chapter of their global expansion. 

In the episode, Peter Mitev reflects on his entrepreneurial journey. A drop-out from university, he started his first venture out of his fascination with computer graphics. In the late 90s, Bulgaria was in a dire economic crisis, there was no capital available, and Peter had no business knowledge himself. Together with his partner Vladimir Koylazov, they managed to build a software company with a rich portfolio of products that are now used worldwide. “We have been building Chaos for 24 years. As we joke with Vlado, our CVs are very boring and very short”, Peter Mitev says. 

In his conversation with Irina, Peter Mitev talks about how building community has been an important part of building the brand and the products of Chaos. “Communities are a way to look into people’s lives, their challenges and problems. This is how we build products for what they lack in their professional life”, Mitev explains and adds: “We build relationships and we build trust, because we want to solve their problems.”

You’ll also hear why Chaos looked for fundraising much later, in the mature phase of the development of the company.

Peter Mitev also opens up about Chaos’s current strategy and what are their plans for the Web3 space. “We definitely have the ability to drive a lot of the professional content into the metaverse. It’s a natural progression of our current strategy”, he says. 

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