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Serbian Startup Collabwriting Raises €1.1M to Empower Knowledge Sharing

Collabwriting Founders
Image credit: Collabwriting founders: Sandra Idjoski and Ivan Ralic

In a nutshell

  • Serbian startup Collabwriting, a collaborative research platform, has secured €1.1M. SMOK Ventures led the investment round as a part of the How to Web’s syndicate, which also included Underline Ventures, Credo, Fiedler, Fortech, Startup Wise Guys, V7 Capital, and Xenia Muntean from Planable as an angel investor
  • The round was completed with a €300K grant provided by the Katapult Accelerator, supported by the World Bank.


Their background story

Collabwriting was founded in 2021 by Sandra Idjoski and Ivan Ralic. The platform aims to enable users to collect, organize, and collaborate around key knowledge. The idea is to create a dynamic environment where insights and data are delivered to users whenever they need it.

The two founders met while working at a startup. Ivan used to be the co-founder, and Sandra was leading the marketing team, where collecting and analyzing information from a plethora of online resources was a daily activity.

The new funds will be used to develop Collabwriting for Teams, grow the current team, and expand their user base, as well as incorporate new AI features.


In their own words

Being a part of How to Web last year was an amazing experience. We came with the expectation of kickstarting our fundraising journey and left having a community of dedicated investors ready to help us grow and scale,” said Sandra, the CEO and co-founder of the company.

“Katapult’s acceleration program has already helped us with mentoring and guidance, while the additional financial boost will make us even more competitive,” she added.

“The way we store, optimize, and structure knowledge with Collabwriting is what’s going to be a game changer for breaking down all the barriers when it comes to how accessible and reusable knowledge is. While this space is full of generative AI solutions that can only summarize what’s already out there, we’re laser-focused on enabling our customers to transform the information they found into unique insights giving them the upper-hand in their fields of work,” shared Collabwriting’s CTO and co-founder, Ivan Ralic.

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Investor’s perspective

Collabwriting is revolutionizing the approach to collaborative research, by harnessing their technical skills, leveraging them via industry insights, and spot-on execution. In a world overloaded with information, where how we manage, access, and use with precision our knowledge is becoming more and more chaotic and important, this can be a game changer in how we operate,” said Diana Koziarska, Founding Partner at SMOK Ventures.


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