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EIF Commits €40M to European Agri Transition Fund to Boost Sustainable Food Systems

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The investment fund has a target size of between €150M and €300M, with plans for a first closing for investors in 2024. 

One of the main goals of the fund includes encouraging sustainable practices in manufacturing and consumption, especially in Eastern and Southern EU countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. Moreover, tackling climate change by focusing on research, innovation, and technology adoption is a key focus too.

The selected companies will aim to achieve these objectives across the entire agricultural and food supply chain, spanning from input supply, production, and logistics to processing, distribution and waste reuse.

The initiative aligns with EU priorities for accelerating green transition, more sustainable agri-food system in Europe, and supporting small and medium-sized businesses. 


In their own words

“SMEs play a pivotal role in the green transition, in particular in the agri-food sector,” said EIF Chief Executive Officer Marjut Falkstedt. “Sustainable adaptation strategies require funding, and our role is to partner with market players like INOKS Capital to help finance this change. Our investment in this fund will incentivise and enable more climate change friendly agricultural practices across a number of countries.”

“We are thrilled to welcome the EIF as anchor investor of the European Agri Transition Fund,” shared INOKS Capital CEO and co-Chief Investment Officer Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih. “We believe that sustainable food and agriculture are critical to the future of our planet, and we are proud to have the support of the EIF in this vision. This partnership will help us to strengthen the EU food system’s resilience, reduce its environmental and climate footprint and provide customized access to capital for smaller corporations that are today’s innovators.”

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