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Exploring the Eastern Europe Tech Landscape: What Attendees Can Anticipate at the How to Web Conference 2023

Exploring the Eastern Europe Tech Landscape: What Attendees Can Anticipate at the How to Web Conference 2023,
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In 2023, startups from the Eastern Europe (EE) region need to navigate both growth and hurdles. Despite economic challenges, local companies managed to navigate the uncertainties and showed resilience. Bulgarian and Romanian startups raised over €140M in funding. Some of the most notable funding rounds were led by key players like BMW iVentures and LAUNCHub Ventures.

In this context, the upcoming How to Web Conference 2023, scheduled for October 4-5 at the Face Convention Center in Bucharest, aims to be a focal point for industry professionals, startups, and venture capitalists. The conference seeks to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, reflecting the ongoing developments in EE and establishing itself as the largest in the region.

As we anticipate this event, let’s explore the diverse opportunities and insights that await the attendees, offering a platform for learning, networking, and potential partnerships:

A deep dive into the tech world

For those immersed in the tech industry, the conference promises to be a rich source of knowledge and insights. The event is structured across four distinct stages, each offering a unique perspective and learning opportunity:

  • Build & Grow Stage: This stage serves as a learning hub where attendees can gain insights from industry pioneers on various topics including product building and growth marketing. Notable speakers such as Ryan Singer and Darren Chait will share their expertise on building meaningful tech products and unveiling growth strategies for 2023.
  • Community Stage: Here, attendees can discover real-world business success stories narrated by founders and business leaders, providing a grounded view of the industry’s current landscape.
  • Q&A Stage: This interactive segment allows attendees to engage directly with speakers, fostering a two-way dialogue where pressing questions find insightful answers.
  • Startup Stage: A showcase of emerging startups in Eastern Europe, offering a glimpse into the innovative ideas that are set to shape the industry’s future.


In addition to the stages, the conference features over 70 top-expert speakers who will challenge current beliefs and practices in the industry with their expert insights. From uncovering the hard truths of building a product-led growth business to diving into strategies that keep products competitive in the market, the sessions promise to be a blend of inspiration and practical knowledge.

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Furthermore, the event offers high-quality networking opportunities, facilitating connections and collaborations that could potentially shape the industry’s future trajectory.

A Growth Platform for Startups and VCs

The conference serves as a vibrant ecosystem fostering growth and innovation, particularly for startups and venture capitalists. Startups have the golden opportunity to catapult themselves into the limelight through the Spotlight competition. This flagship segment of the event not only offers a significant platform to pitch innovative ideas to a panel of esteemed investors but also promises a grand prize exceeding €880,000, serving as a stepping stone to unprecedented growth and success.

Venture capitalists, on the other hand, can anticipate a wealth of opportunities and insights. The exclusive pre-event, Venture in CEE, delves deep into the current investment trends and the macro investment environment in Eastern Europe, offering a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape. This segment promises to be a goldmine of opportunities, facilitating an optimized deal flow and fostering valuable connections that could potentially shape the future of the tech industry in the region.

Moreover, the event promises to facilitate fruitful connections, providing access to a comprehensive list of attending startups, complete with contact details and presentations, setting the stage for potential collaborations and partnerships that could shape the industry’s future trajectory.

Extra Insights at the Side Events

The How to Web Conference 2023 extends beyond the main event, offering a series of side events that delve deeper into the intricacies of the tech ecosystem. These events are designed to foster a richer understanding of the industry, facilitating discussions on a range of pertinent topics from fundraising essentials to strategies for building successful tech enterprises.

One of the highlights of the side events is the presentation of the “State of AI in CEE Report” by The Recursive. This presentation aims to provide a detailed analysis of the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. It is an initiative to bring to the forefront the advancements, challenges, and opportunities that lie in the AI sector in this region. By presenting data-driven insights, it seeks to foster an informed discussion among industry professionals, offering a glimpse into the potential trajectories the AI sector might take in the coming years.

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As the How to Web Conference 2023 nears, it promises to be a significant assembly in the Eastern European tech landscape, bringing together a diverse group of professionals from startups to seasoned investors. This event offers a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of the tech ecosystem in the region, fostering dialogues and potential collaborations without the usual fanfare.

For those interested in the pulse of the EE tech sector, attending this conference could be a step towards understanding the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We invite you to join the event, engage with industry experts, and explore the potential synergies that could help us all to keep building the future of the tech industry in this region.


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