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Romanian Genezio Secured $2M Pre-Seed Investment to Spearhead Next-Gen Developer Tools

Genezio founders
Image credit: Genezio founders

In a nutshell

  • Romanian Genezio, a serverless platform for building full-stack web and mobile applications, raised a $2M pre-seed round
  • The round was led by Gapminder Ventures, with the participation of Underline Ventures and a group of business angels. 
  • The startup will utilize the new investment to implement the go-to-market strategy and develop enterprise features, as current use cases include web, mobile, blockchain, AI, and automation apps.


Their background story

Genezio, founded in 2023, launches tools aiming to help developers automate the creation of apps. 

The Romanian startup reunites part of the former leadership team at VectorWatch and Fitbit: the serial entrepreneur Andrei Pitis as CEO, former UiPath-er Bogdan Ripa as CPO, and Bogdan Vlad as CTO, joined by Paula Cionca as CMO. 

They got together united by the belief that tools like Copilot and ChatGPT would help programmers write code. The main objective is to implement a platform that offers a simpler approach to coding and deployment, and therefore, reduce time to market and cloud costs. 

According to the company’s data, over the last three months, thousands of developers used the platform in beta.


In their own words

“Designed from the ground up to be future-proof, Genezio will save precious time for the millions of AI-enabled developers of the future. The robust deployment platform and type-safe calling mechanism maximize developer productivity and reduce the number of bugs. The developers of the future use LLMs to generate code, while Genezio takes care of the rest – deployment, automated testing, and hosting at scale”, said Andrei Pitis, CEO and co-founder of Genezio.  


Investors’ perspective

“Genezio is operating on a paradigm shift – their products and services are transformative for the developer tools environment. Its vision and state-of-the-art technology help developers and enterprises to drastically speed up the implementation of new and fully automated ways to test and deliver their own code”, shared Cosmin Ochisor, Partner at Gapminder Ventures.

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This is the first investment made by Gapminder Ventures from their second fund.

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