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The workplace community for developers and startups, Joberty, expands to Romania

By expanding to Romania, Joberty aims to bring the best practices that it has already implemented in countries such as Serbia and Croatia
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•  Serbia-based online IT job platform Joberty has officially started operating in Romania, the company announced. 

•  The platform allows employees in the IT sector to share their work experiences, candidates to find jobs that suit their needs, and IT companies to find relevant candidates for their jobs.

•  Joberty has over 50K registered developers and 1,200 tech companies, and is on a mission to increase the transparency of the rapidly evolving IT community.

According to the company’s founder and CEO, Nikola Mijailovic, one of Joberty’s main goals is to boost the recruitment and job seeking process in the IT sector by creating a product specifically designed for developers.

“When leaving a review, we ask you questions based on the seven most important factors for each developer when it comes to career-related decisions. Those factors are projects, technology, team, learning and personal development, company culture, salary and benefits, and the interview process,” Mijailovic explains.

The starting point for creating Joberty was the difficulty for companies in the region to hire developers. However, for Mijailovic this also represented an opportunity.

“I knew how difficult it is to hire developers. At the time, I was CEO and one of the founders of an HR agency in Serbia, facing challenges in finding IT people. I often talked about this with people around me, but especially with IT community members who simply confirmed that the need for a platform to share experiences really exists. My wife Dušica, one of the founders and Product Manager of Joberty, encouraged me to proceed with the idea that became a reality only a few months after,” Mijailovic tells The Recursive.

With the help of the other two co-founders of Joberty – Slavko Šaponjić (CTO) and Nebojša Aradski (Technical Lead), and a small team of developers, Joberty became a reality in 2019.

“Today, in Serbia and Croatia, Joberty is used by more than 50,000 IT professionals, who left close to 15,000 reviews, and we cooperate with over 1,200 tech companies,” Mijailovic says.

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Bringing best practices to the biggest IT market in the SEE region

By expanding to Romania, Joberty aims to bring the best practices that it has already implemented in countries such as Serbia and Croatia, Mijailovic adds.

“After we successfully launched Serbia and Croatia, our next stop is Romania, the single biggest IT market in the SEE region, with more than 120,000 members of the IT community. Also, besides significant Romanian IT companies, many global players have their regional offices in Romania, which is one of the reasons why we choose Romania to be the next market where we will expand,” he tells The Recursive.

Joberty Romania already has around 1,000 registered developers who provide more than 1,000 reviews for different IT companies.

The company’s main goal in Romania is to position Joberty as a relevant platform within the IT community, gain users’ trust, and establish first contacts with our partners and clients, Mijailovic said.

“Joberty will be a reliable partner to all stakeholders and work closely with them to bring additional transparency to the tech industry. We want to improve the IT world with an increased understanding between candidates, employees, and companies,” Mijailovic points out.

According to him, during the last three years the company learned a lot about the SEE region and about the challenges that both companies and tech professionals are facing in the industry.

“Around 80% of the IT community are passive job seekers, and they are not looking actively for a job. That is the audience that Joberty is targeting, as they do come to our platform to get relevant information about the companies that have approached them,” he tells The Recursive.

As a workplace community platform, Joberty aims to communicate with the entire tech world, and not only with active job seekers.

“Companies need help to position themselves better, and they are not always aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It’s our job to help them realize and change for the better.” Mijailovic concluded.


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