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Polish SP Tech Solutions Secured €3M to Accelerate Rail Revolution and Fuel Green Innovation

Polish SP Tech Solutions Secured €3M to Accelerate Rail Revolution and Fuel Green Innovation,
Image credit: SP Tech Solutions founders

In a nutshell:


Their background story:

Founded by Michal Pawlowski and Piotr Sikorski in 2019, SP Tech Solutions delivers a wide range of services to rail transport firms. SP Tech Solutions addresses the challenges of cutting transport emissions by introducing the Raily suite, a comprehensive IT system for railway transportation businesses

This system aims to enhance the operational efficiency and execution for those in the railway sector by optimizing transport planning, reducing operational costs, and automating processes. Their Raily system consists of three tools: Raily Taxi, Raily Cargo, and Raily Marketplace. 


In their own words:

“The Raily system, developed since 2019, offers savings, automation, and error reduction for rail carriers, contributing indirectly to greenhouse gas emission reductions and addressing the rail industry’s labor shortage. We comprehensively respond to the problems and challenges companies face in this sector. Our solutions are already used by companies such as PKP Cargo, Lotos Kolej, Laude Smart Intermodal, and we have also made our first implementations in the German market. The market’s demand for our solutions is evidenced in the Group’s rapid growth of over 1000% over the last two years, reaching nearly 41М PLN (€9M) in 2023,” commented Piotr Sikorski, CEO of SP Tech Solutions. 


Investor’s perspective:

“In a global context, where markets strive for sustainability and CO2 reduction, the innovations introduced by SP Tech Solutions align with the strategic goals related to the future of rail transportation. Market data, as well as regulations on greenhouse gas emissions in transportation in the coming years, allow us to see great potential and believe in the global success of SP Tech,” shared Piotr Wolinski, CEO of Vinci S.A., managing the Vinci HiTech fund.

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