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4 Reasons Why Poland Is an IT Industry Leader in Emerging Europe

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Emerging Europe has established a well-deserved reputation as a nearshore and offshore sanctuary for software development outsourcing, with Poland ranking third in the world in this service area. Poland took the first spot from Ukraine, regarded as an offshore safe haven for software development outsourcing. Poland is ranked third worldwide for software development services, following only India and China. There are at least dozens of reasons for such an outcome, but with the most recent 2023 “Future of IT Report” by Emerging Europe, considerable findings are presented now based on data. 

Historically, the cost was the most typical reason for Western European or North American enterprises to outsource IT services. But what was formerly the most economically justified explanation is no longer an essential argument. IT services in developing or emerging regions are still more affordable. However, the availability of IT specialists and talent density are two additional benefits that make offshore to some specific areas of the world much more attractive.

Aside from capabilities and cost considerations, the lack of a time zone barrier and cultural or geographical differences makes IT offshore to Poland a natural choice for Western European companies. However, the 2023 “Future of IT Report” provides a more in-depth look at the essential competencies of IT professionals and the business environment.

Let’s have a look at the reasons behind Poland’s positioning.

General overview

The ICT sector in Poland is expanding in prominence, with more appealing remuneration packages than others. The average wage in ICT has risen considerably, going from 1,598 euros in 2015 to 2,148 euros in 2021. Furthermore, the number of ICT experts hired has continuously increased, with 486,000 people employed in 2021 compared to 369,000 in 2015, showing a 31% increase over time.

The overall growth of the ICT sector and related investment has resulted in the developing of tech professionals’ skills that have excelled over time. The total rise has led to an increase in highly skilled tech engineers. Poland is now ranked third in the IT Competitiveness Index, previously ranked second. Poland has been placed second in the world in terms of PISA Mathematics. Similarly, Poland is ranked second in the TopCoder rankings, demonstrating its programming expertise. The country also ranks third in the EF English Proficiency Index in terms of language proficiency. Furthermore, Poland does well in cybersecurity, placing fourth in the Global Cybersecurity Index.

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Technical and helpdesk support

Poland’s first-place global technical and help desk support rating may be correlated to its digitally-enabled and technologically proficient youth population, which has outpaced offshore leaders such as the Philippines (2nd) and India (3rd). The key factor for this success is not only English proficiency or digital know-how of IT specialists but also proactive work mindsets and reputation.

Poland accepted the necessity of providing its generation with digital skills and technological knowledge. The country has invested in education and training programs to guarantee that its youth is well-prepared for the digital era. Polish young people are fluent in English and have no trouble responding to client inquiries and assisting with complex technological challenges, adding to Poland’s reputation for outstanding customer service. Polish professionals’ exceptional work ethic and competence contribute to their success in technical support, making them highly demanded internationally.

Data analytics and science

Poland keeps its leadership in the digital and ITO fields, ranking first in developing Europe and second globally for data analytics and scientific services. Both are critical components of the broader subject of IT services since it helps businesses optimize operations, improve decision-making processes, and drive innovation. Data management, data visualization, data mining, predictive modeling, and other analytical methodologies are frequently used in IT services, and Poland has become a significant player in this field.

Robotics and automation

Poland’s robotics skills and talent have received significant attention, putting the country in third place globally, just behind Czechia and Slovenia. This achievement demonstrates Poland’s rising importance in the field of robotics and the country’s persistent dedication to developing a highly qualified workforce and cultivating an innovative culture.

The nation has made considerable growth in R&D, with a particular emphasis on expanding robotics technology. Polish universities and research institutes have played a critical role in developing outstanding graduates in robotics-related fields, providing them with the knowledge and abilities needed to flourish in this rapidly growing industry.

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IT Competitiveness Index

The “Future of IT Report” introduces the IT Competitiveness Index, which ranks nations based on available talent, IT infrastructure, economic effect, and current business climate. After Estonia and Lithuania, Poland fell to third place, losing in categories related to its business environment and economic impact. What strikes out, though, is that Poland finished in the top four in 11 of the 45 classifications and dominated the Index’s skill component. Poland continues offering great IT talent and keeps up quality, demonstrated by outstanding results among all Emerging Europe countries. 


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