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New €50M CEE Fund Providing Hands-on Assistance to Tech Founders

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Image credit: Wojciech Fedorowiczand and Daniel Star (left to right), Personal archive

Only have 1 minute? Here are 3 key takeaways:

  • Polish Full Speed Ventures has launched its second €50M tech fund, with initial ticket size of €1-4M with significant reserves for follow-on rounds.
  • The firm’s strategy emphasizes being involved in the processes of their portfolio companies.
  • They are able to provide valuable insights across various sectors including Cybersecurity, Medtech, AI, and consumer software, particularly in the CEE region with a strong focus on Poland.


Full Speed Ventures, a European VC firm co-founded by Polish investors, announced the launch of its second, €50M tech fund. The initial ticket size is €1-4М with significant reserves for follow-on rounds. The new fund will focus on tech founders, making a number of selective investments, only where it can provide extensive, practical, and execution-focused support.

Full Speed Ventures was founded by Wojciech Fedorowicz, MBA graduate from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and Daniel Star, with a background as investment manager and corporate adviser, both having considerable experience as tеch investors. The firm has offices in Warsaw, Luxembourg, and Tel Aviv.

“With this second fund, we target early-stage companies with initial revenues, ready to conquer their sectors. If you’re seeking investors who are deeply involved in shaping the success of your business, we would like to hear from you”, shared the founders at the launch. 

They describe their approach as “hands-on, acting as an extension” to their portfolio companies’ teams, and guiding them with valuable insights. The investors will continue supporting companies across CEE with a strong focus on Poland, maintaining a relatively small portfolio. Therefore, that would allow them to dedicate substantial time and resources to each company. This strategy also enables them to fund initial and follow-on investment rounds.

Previously, Full Speed Ventures have made  investments in the areas of cybersecurity, Medtech, AI, and consumer software and hardware, including AVG, Backweb Technologies, Callpage, and others.

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This marks the second significant announcement this year regarding a new Polish fund, after the launch of the $25M SMOK Ventures’ second fund.

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