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Unleashing Creativity: Summer Tech Camps for Kids and Teens in CEE

By Snezhana Simeonova

Remember the catchy theme song from “Phineas and Ferb” (the popular Disney animated series that […]

Can Digital Debt Sabotage Your Startup?

By Pawel Poltorak

The current trend toward digital operations has brought to light the idea of digital and […]

Co-Founder Breakups: How to Handle Them

By Tytus Cytowski

The journey of creating your startup can be unpredictable. Like a large percentage of relationships, […]

Plug and Play to Boost Corporate-Startup Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe

By Elena Ivanova

  • Plug and Play Tech Centre, the world’s largest innovation platform that connects early-stage investors, […]

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After Hours is our monthly series of  events which aims to explore and debunk everything regarding tech talent, company culture, organizational development, and IT career development in the local innovation ecosystems. In the form of panel-like informal discussions, moderated by one of The Recursive hosts, we invite business leaders, IT professionals, and aspiring talents, but also HR managers from tech companies in the region.

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ViennaUP’23: Bringing Startup Success Beyond Borders and Boundaries

06th Jun 2023

As Vienna gears up for the upcoming ViennaUP’23 festival, set to take place from May […]

Women Leading the Way: Insights from Vienna’s Thriving Tech Scene

06th Jun 2023

ViennaUP’23, the largest community-driven startup festival in Central and Eastern Europe, is fast approaching. From […]

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