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Exploring Automation in Professional and Business Services

Ivo Dreshkov at a previous edition of the ERP presentation event
Image credit: Next Consult: Ivo Dreshkov, Certinia Discipline Lead at Next Consult, at a previous edition of the ERP presentation event
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Next Consult, a digital and business transformation consultancy, is organizing an event to delve into the realm of automation within the Professional and Business Services industry. The focal point of the event is to demonstrate how Certinia, formerly known as FinancialForce, an ERP platform, can aid businesses in enhancing profitability, efficiency, and data-driven approaches. 

The event is scheduled for November 8, 2023, at 4:00 PM in Hotel Marinela’s Vitosha Hall, and aims to provide a platform for learning, discussion, and networking for industry participants.

The agenda

  • Understanding Current Trends: A look at the prevailing trends in the service industry and the role of modern technologies in enhancing its performance. 
  • Introduction to Certinia: An overview of Certinia’s products and how they can be leveraged to meet business objectives. 
  • Learning from Success Stories and Industry Experts: Exposure to real-world success stories and insights from industry experts to envisage practical application and impact. 
  • Networking Opportunity: An occasion to cultivate valuable connections within the business community.

What is Professional Services Automation?

The event also aims to shed light on the benefits of Professional Services Automation (PSA). PSA systems streamline the management of every billable hour—from contract and forecasting to delivery, billing, and revenue realization. 

These systems are not just beneficial for professional services teams, but extend their advantages to other sectors like health and life sciences, media and communications, and software and high-tech. Integrating PSA systems with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other essential software for managing accounting, billing, revenue management, and analytics can result in a more comprehensive solution.

By merging CRM and PSA, sales and delivery teams can achieve better visibility and alignment into project status and customer needs. This alignment can lead to higher margins, accurate scope selling, improved customer satisfaction, and more precise and timely invoicing. The end result is improved cash flow and lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

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Service Performance Insight (SPI) has reported that organizations utilizing PSA see an average of 12% higher EBITDA compared to organizations that do not. This growth is largely attributed to significant increases in billable utilization, showcasing how PSA systems help organizations maximize their time and resources. Moreover, it reflects the cascade of benefits and efficiencies that come with connecting the front and back office operations.

Join Next Consult and Certinia on this insightful exploration of automation and its potential to significantly impact the professional and business services sector.

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Next Consult is an experienced business and digital transformation consultancy, as well as a reputable partner of Salesforce, SAP, Tableau, UiPath, Certinia.