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10th Annual Salesforce Conference: B2B Strategies for Efficient Growth

A picture from the 9th annual Salesforce Conference
Image credit: Next Consult: 9th Annual Salesforce Conference in 2022
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Next Consult, a digital consulting firm in partnership with Salesforce for a decade, is hosting the 10th Annual Salesforce Conference in March. This conference is anticipated to be the largest Salesforce event in Southeast Europe, with dates scheduled for March 21st in Sofia, Bulgaria, and March 23rd in Bucharest, Romania.

The event will celebrate the long-standing, successful collaboration between Salesforce and Next Consult, along with Next Consult’s 13th anniversary. Over 500 Central and Eastern European executives from major companies are expected to attend this conference, which promises to be one of this month’’s largest technology gathering at the C-level.

Attendees will hear from 20 speakers from various industries, as well as over 10 managers from industry-leading businesses in Bulgaria, Romania, and other countries in CEE. They will have the opportunity to learn about digitalization in business and topics like cost reduction, revenue increase, and operational excellence in times of economic crisis.

The conference will concentrate on how customer experience is now the differentiator in today’s market, how to streamline processes to maximise sales, and how to improve customer and employee satisfaction. As the conference is supported by leading international companies such as MuleSoft, Tableau, and FinancialForce, and media outlets such as DigitalK and The Recursive, attendees can expect to gain insights into innovative technology ideas.

In addition, the conference will present a special track that will focus on the #TheNext10Schools campaign, which will aid the “Teach for Bulgaria” NGO. Attendees can learn from speakers who have supported social causes and education in the past, such as Svetozar Georgiev and Hristo Manov.

+++ Learn more and register about the event here.

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