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5 Must-Attend Deep Tech Events in 2024

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2023 was a pivotal year for deep tech. Currently, it stands out as one of the most resilient categories in venture capital with approximately $15 billion raised year-to-date in 2023 (nearly on the same level as a year before). The data from Lakestar’s report shows that between 2018 and 2023 there has been a significant increase in the establishment of deep tech hubs around Europe. Based on our survey, among CEE VCs, this is a preferred segment for investments. 

As we step into 2024, anticipate yet another dynamic year in the deep tech landscape. Brace yourself with The Recursive’s latest selection of some of the most important and attended deep tech events in Europe.




Date: January 24

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

DeepEST Forum 2024 is a new event in the deep tech space, taking place in the capital of Estonia, Europe’s leader in startups and unicorns per capita, is rolling out an action plan to become a global hub for DeepTech. The plan is to create a supportive economic environment for the industry, led by Startup Estonia and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

DeepEST is a hybrid format, including an online streaming, a free event specifically targeting pre-seed, early-stage deep tech founders, specialists, and entrepreneurial scientists. It focuses on pre-seed stage challenges of founders with topics like identifying the right investors for a deep tech startup, conducting effective market fit testing, negotiating license agreements, creating a general commercialization plan, and more.



Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024

Date: 21-22 March

Location: Paris, France

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024, set in the French capital, is an international gathering, specifically tailored for scientists and deep tech founders across various industries. For the 10th anniversary this year, the summit will bring together more than 100 speakers on 4 stages. 

One of the highlights of the program is the Grand Finals of the Global Challenge, a central startup competition with previous winners and finalists, who have already managed to raise more than $3B in funding. It aims to address the needs of early-stage deep tech startups across all industries.

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Energy Tech Summit

Date: 10-11 April

Location: Bilbao, Spain

This summit is one of the leading climate tech events in Europe, bringing together not only founders and investors but also government leaders. The topics focus on tackling climate change, implementing green energy infrastructure, and decarbonization. The event is providing a lot of networking opportunities with special panels, dedicated to enhancing the conversation among the attendees. 



Deep Tech Atelier

Date: 16-17 May

Location: Riga, Latvia

The Baltics’ largest deep tech industry event, Deep Tech Atelier, is a mix of a conference and practical workshops. The aim is to foster networking opportunities and international cooperation at the B2B sessions, bringing together entrepreneurs, scientists, technology developers, and investors. The main topics, covered in 2023, were photonics and smart materials, space technologies, and science commercialization. 



The Deep Tech CEE Summit 

Date: 20-21.11

Location: Warsaw, Poland

As a key gathering for startups and investors in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, the event facilitates connections among stakeholders within the deep tech ecosystem. This includes investors, startup founders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers. The summit explored areas like aerospace, advanced computing, digital health, and sustainable construction. An important segment is where startups and investors engage in one-on-one meetings.

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