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The Power of Being Genuine With Velina Getova From NotYourTherapy

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Join us in our latest podcast episode as we delve deep into the realms of leadership, mental health, and authenticity together with Velina Getova, founder of NotYourTherapy, which provides psychological support in the workplace.

With more than ten years in human development, Velina has worked with multinational corporations, tech start-ups, universities, and nonprofit organizations in Bulgaria, the US, and the UK.

Long years of experience led her to the realization that the most needed skill in the future is not only our ability to learn but also our ability to manage our interior state.

In her conversation with Irina, Velina shares personal stories of leaders opening up about their mental health struggles and the transformative power of being genuine in leadership roles. She discusses the societal molds that define what a leader “should” be and how breaking free from these molds can lead to more genuine and effective leadership.

Velina also touches upon the challenges of modern communication tools and their potential to lead to burnout. We learn about Velina’s passionate mission to change the narrative around entrepreneurship in Bulgaria, emphasizing happiness, success, and mental well-being.

As we envision a future where discussions around entrepreneurship focus on joy and positivity, we invite you to be part of this enlightening conversation. Tune in and discover how to find your authentic leadership style and the importance of self-reflection in our fast-paced world.

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