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Craft A Compelling Employer Brand With A Powerful Competitive Edge

Craft a compelling employer branding webinar
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Setting yourself apart as an employer that captivates team rockstars, future customers and partners for the long haul can be challenging. Especially if you’re not a multinational corporation with an infinite budget for employer branding. According to research by the Human Capital Institute, 20% of new hires quit within the first 45 days of getting the job. Why is this? One of the top reasons is “Unmet expectations during the recruitment phase”.

Join us online on June 28th, at 17:00 EET for  our “Crafting a Compelling Employer Branding” webinar. #4 of The Recursive and Sessions “Let’s Sesh On” webinar series will provide you with practical tips on the strategies for creating an employer brand with a powerful competitive edge. 🚀

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Exploring possible antidotes to this, we’ve brought together two employer branding and communications experts to help you establish a strong employer brand that stands out in the market and sets you on the path to long-term success

  • Molly Kapoor is an industry maven voted three consecutive years for IMPACT’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Marketing. She has more than 20 years of experience as an Employer Branding executive. She is engaged in transformational brand building and is a mentor and advisor to young entrepreneurs with her culture and empathy evangelism.
  • Catarina de Noronha is an Employer Branding Executive & Global Social Media Manager at Infraspeak. She started in Design but soon realised she wanted to pursue and master a career in Marketing and Communications. She firmly believes that stories have a powerful impact and is passionate about how communication can skyrocket a company’s brand or do the exact opposite. Catarina is also a Co-Founder & Host of the fresh and upcoming Milk Your Brand Podcast and was one of the official finalists for the 2022 Portuguese Women in Tech Awards, in the “Community Lead” category.
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What you will learn:

  • How to cut through the noise for your employer brand with a well-suited and timed storytelling
  • Attracting, building and keeping top talent, customers and partners base
  • How to define the right fitting organisational culture
  • Strategies for strengthening your company’s community


Let’s elevate and enhance your employer branding efforts to gain a competitive edge. Learn how to secure your spot at the link here.


Let’s create meaningful connections, and the necessary skills to get your brand ready to navigate the 2023 waters with clarity during our series of 10 webinars.

Throughout the year, we will hear from leading experts, tech professionals, and thought leaders on building brand awareness and employer branding to attract leads – be it future company supporters, or international partners; as well as future team rockstars.

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