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Navigating The Denominator Effect, Tech Investing, And Valuation Shifts In The Upcoming 0100 Conference In Rome

Navigating The Denominator Effect, Tech Investing, And Valuation Shifts In The Upcoming 0100 Conference In Rome,
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From October 18th to 20th, the ancient city of Rome will host the 0100 Conference Mediterranean 2023 – a pan-European event for the private equity and venture capital industry.

Taking place at the Salone delle Fontane, the exclusive event is part of the 0100 conference series connecting limited and general partners in private equity and venture capital across Europe. The first edition of 0100 Conference Mediterranean will gather over 300 senior private equity/venture capital executives, fund managers, and industry experts.

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The event is organized by Zero One Hundred Conferences, a leading provider of offline and online events for PE & VC players in various regions in Europe with a global outreach. In the last 8 years, they organized 46 events with 1500+ speakers, 6000+ investors, and 11500+ attendees in Amsterdam, Berlin, Luxembourg, Dublin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Tallinn, Limassol, Prague and Bratislava.


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Some of the industry’s top decision-makers from around the globe will gather to discuss the need for institutional LPs to rebalance their asset allocation following a significant drop in tech valuations in the public market, known as the “denominator effect”. The agenda will also focus on a promising outlook for tech investments with a more reasonable valuation approach.

Part of Maker Faire Rome, the event will provide best practices, key trends, expert insights, and networking opportunities tailored for LPs, GPs and PE professionals.

“In an ever-evolving world, investors require a platform for exchanging ideas and staying informed about industry trends and challenges to maintain a competitive edge. The core mission of Zero One Hundred Conferences is to facilitate this exchange and promote networking among Limited Partners (LPs), Venture Capitalists (VCs), and Private Equity (PE) firms. It provides them with opportunities to fulfill various objectives, whether it’s fundraising, enhancing brand visibility, connecting with fellow investors, or gaining insights from industry leaders,” shared Pavol Fuchs, CEO of Zero One Hundred Conferences.


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Navigating the denominator effect and other investment challenges

Paolo Gesess, Founder & Managing Partner at United Ventures and one of the conference’s moderators, defined the denominator effect as one of the most relevant fundraising challenges for tech investors in the short term.

“Navigating the denominator effect requires careful strategizing and effective communication with LPs to demonstrate the long-term growth potential and value proposition of tech investments”, he outlined.

The combination of uncertainty and complexity of the current geopolitical landscape, with the fluctuating interest rates and the persistent specter of inflation are “undeniable” challenges to fundraising efforts, shared Gianluca Dettori, Chairman, General Partner at Primo Ventures, one of the speakers at the conference. “The ‘wait and see’ approach prevalent today is closely tied to the fact that many LPs are actively engaged in restructuring their asset allocations to adapt to the current economic environment”, he highlighted.

After a tumultuous period for tech-investing last year, both industry experts look at the future optimistically. “The tech investing landscape has entered a new paradigm characterized by a more tempered approach, with valuations reflecting a more realistic assessment of market potential. Opportunities abound, making it a great moment to invest in tech”, explained Paolo Gesess. “While uncertainties may persist, the long-term growth potential of tech companies is attracting renewed investor interest”, he concluded.

According to Gianluca Dettori, “the coming years are going to be the most promising for the new economic cycle, offering a much more investor-friendly environment with interesting opportunities to be found”.

“The Private Equity industry needs more exits”

On the private equity side, challenges are related to the reduced number of exits, especially in these last four quarters, according to the Managing Director of Eurazeo, Francesco Orsi. “Buyout funds are sitting on 2.8$trillion in un-exited assets. GPs must sustain DPI and rotation of their portfolios. Good assets are still trading at healthy multiples, while the bid/ask gap is still quite important for lower-quality assets. The question is: when will this gap be reduced? I do not know, but I know that GPs are also sitting on record amounts of dry powder to be deployed. In the meanwhile, the Debt market shows signs of recovery, and this should help”, he added.

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