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How to Build a Strong IТ Community With Svetoslav Dimov From DEV.BG

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Next on The Recursive podcast, we welcome Svetoslav Dimov. He is passionate about building companies and developing marketing strategies. But he’s also experienced in building communities. 

Svetoslav Dimov is the co-founder and CEO of DEV.BG, the biggest IT community in Bulgaria. DEV.BG is also a leading tech job board and one of the main organizers of tech events in the country. They are helping IT professionals not only to find opportunities, but also to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience. 

In his conversation with Georgi Nenov, Svetoslav Dimov talks about the specifics of building a marketplace business. “The biggest challenge to enter a marketplace business is the egg or the chicken question – do you bring the people that offer jobs first or do you bring people that want to apply?”, Dimov explains. 

With DEV.BG, he and his co-founders took the patient road. “We built the community for three years before building the job board itself – it allowed us to be close to the needs of the people and build very good relationships with the community”, Svetoslav Dimov adds.  

He talks about his own entrepreneurial path – from building several business with zero revenue to selling a successful speed-dating business before joining forces with Ivo Hristov to build DEV.BG.

“If I had to fill in a test: “Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?”, I would fail miserably”, Svetoslav jokes. “I am more conservative and risk-reverse. I am more task-oriented than people-oriented which is not the typical profile of a leader but once you know yourself, you adjust your game to fit and do what you want to do”, he shares. For Svetoslav Dimov people who stay in entrepreneurship do it because they enjoy the game in the long run. 

In the episode, Svetoslav also shares tips and tricks on how to build a healthy relationship with your co-founders. 

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