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23 New Romanian Women in Tech to Follow in 2023

Romanian Women in Tech
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Given its scarce background – where all family members were motivated to pitch in economically, Romania is bubbling with career women. From founders and managers to investors, lawyers, PRs, marketers, and media, the ecosystem has seen its share of biases, but this hasn’t weighed down the evolution of a woman’s professional path.

Lavinia Cojocaru from Uipath, Andreea Pleasea from Druid AI, and Ruxandra Pui from Digitail, to name just a few, are proof that the major tech companies springing from the local talent pool have at least one female leader.

Female angel investor groups like Bravva Angels, and WIT Angels, or initiatives like Women in Tech Global – the Romanian chapter, are another sign that the tech industry will be seeing more women empowered and supported to share their goals.

At the end of 2021, I started outlining Romanian Women in Tech and updating a map with over 85 female entrepreneurs active locally, regionally, and internationally. Now, I can say I have mapped over 100 business women carving their path in the European tech ecosystem.

The Romanian Women in Tech below are presented in alphabetical order based on their family names. 

Ioana Axinte is the co-founder and CEO of ONE learning, an edtech platform launched in 2020, based in the UK. The children’s app offers over 100 15-minute online activities to make learning fun and engaging, like building resilience or emotional intelligence.

Alexandra-Nadia Balan is the co-founder of Bucharest-based Giants, a Web3 solutions provider launched in 2021. The team helps blockchain visionaries onboard projects in the Elrond ecosystem.

Cristiana Banila is co-founder and CSO of UK-based Mitra Bio, a beauty platform launched in 2020 targeting skin longevity through data science. By using non-invasive skin sampling and data, the team can design and recommend specific rejuvenation compounds and therapeutic solutions to their clients.

Alina Catalina Banuleasa is the founder of Bucharest-based Morph. The project, launched in 2022 aims to offer a tool for asynchronous teams to brainstorm ideas remotely, and save time for more creative tasks through automation.

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Ruxandra Bitu co-founded Bucharest-based in 2020. The project offers AI-powered coaching as software to increase employees’ productivity while lowering costs.

Roxana Bitoleanu is the co-founder of Bucharest-based Logistia. The platform was launched in 2020 and it offers a route planner that optimizes any number of addresses between delivery drivers, based on delivery intervals or areas for drivers.

Oana Bizgan is the founder of 22Trust Venture, a Bucharest-based fintech company launched in 2019. The team aims to increase banks’ profitability through a rewarding tool for customers.

Iulia Caizer is the co-founder of QuickLegal, a marketplace that aims to connect lawyers with clients that need support with labor code. Launched in 2021, the Bucharest-based startup was raising a €250K funding round last year to scale its operations.

Lucia Dârzan is the co-founder of Bucharest-based PROCESIO, a project offering software development in the cloud through no-code/low-code to automate business processes. Since its launch in 2020, the tech startup has raised over €1.2M.

Oana Durcau is the co-founder of Cluj-based Triliada, an edtech platform launched in 2022 that aims to help high school students find the right university for their skills by connecting them with the right professionals.

Filothea Favatas is the founder and CEO of Bucharest-based GHLASS. Since 2021, the project aims to build a European marketplace where designers can connect with affiliates to sell their products.

Dana Gheza is the co-founder of, a Luxembourg-based collaborative platform to design systems targeting game development studios. Launched in 2016, the startup raised over €4M.

Maria Cristina Ianau is the founder of Bucharest-based Sacosh since 2020. The sustainability project offers bags made from recycled plastic bottle fabric (rPET), certified by Global Recycled Standard.

Raluca Incicas is the co-founder of Timisoara-based PlantyAI. Launched in 2021, the AgriTech project aims to offer a tool that can detect plant diseases and offer treatment recommendations.

Lavinia Iosub is the co-founder of Livit Hub Bali and Remote Skills Academy by Livit. Since 2015, the Hub has supported entrepreneurs and startup teams to launch global projects; while the Academy is an edtech platform for locals to learn how to build successful remote careers.

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Adina Jipa is the co-founder and CMO of Bucharest-based Socialinsider, which offers a dashboard with social media analytics for digital agencies to control their reports in one platform. The marketing startup launched in 2017 is bootstrapped.

Andrea Magyar is the co-founder and COO of GuidefAI. The Timisoara-based startup launched in 2020 offers a SaaS for manufacturers to better engage with their customers through a digital user manual.

Ioana Matei is the co-founder and CTO of Brasov-based RIDESAFE Technology, a tech company dedicated to motorcycle safety. Launched in 2016, the team offers RiSE, a protection system that can integrate with any motorcycle to detect crashes and send rescue details.

Teodora Moraru is the co-founder of Bucharest-based Tire2Tire. Since 2020, she has been developing an automatic tire data hardware device targeting transport companies.

Elena Luiza Oprea is the founder of Constanta-based Meet Locals. Since 2021, she has been building a B2B marketplace where vacation providers can meet tourism professionals and agencies.

Tori Popescu is the co-founder of the Bucharest-based qube app, a tool that automates content marketing for brands. The startup launched in 2021 supports marketers create content strategies as well as facilitates scheduling and sharing content.

Anca Stefan is the co-founder and CTO of Amsterdam-based marketplace Creative Fabrica. Launched in 2016, the startup aims to develop the e-Commerce platform of the future, an all-in-one management platform with graphics targeting designers so that they can save time and focus on creating. The team raised over €60M so far.

Monica Tarmure co-founded the Cluj-based in 2020. The startup provides an educational mobile game targeting kids to learn about how money works.


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