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Turning brain drain into brain gain: Bulgarian Tuk-tam’s Hive 2021 is coming this September

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Tuk-Tam, a non-government organization and a global brain gain network of Bulgarians, committed to improving Bulgaria and its communities abroad, is hosting its annual initiative Hive 2021. The event will take place on September 9, to connect young people with leading companies, and bright professionals from all over the world in a joint networking effort to leverage the potential of the workforce of the future. The hybrid event will be physically hosted in Inter Expo Center, Sofia.  Part of the program will be broadcasted online via the live streaming platform Streamer, which is partnering with Tuk-Tam.

This year, participants will meet over 100 international and Bulgarian companies and startups, and more than 40 inspiring speakers – successful Bulgarians from different fields, living all over the world. The event is organized in 9 zones that will provide attendees with access to pioneer businesses, innovative products, and HR consultants. 

“Hive 2021 is an event that gives participants the opportunity to meet interesting and innovative companies and startups, acquire new skills, receive up-to-date information about new trends, and get inspired by the stories of successful leaders and personalities while finding new professional challenges. This is also a chance to meet and engage with the Tuk-Tam community. We expect 100 companies and about 4,000 participants to join our initiative,” shared Mila Topalova, Partnership Manager and Board Member at Tuk-Tam.

What to expect

The seminar program of Hive 2021 features 9 zones. Among the lecturers at the event this year will be Rob Dixon, British Ambassador to Bulgaria, Bogomil Balkansky, serial entrepreneur and partner at Sequoia Capital – one of the leading Silicon Valley VCs, Elvin Guri – entrepreneur,  investor and CEO at Empower Capital Fund, Raycho Raychev – founder of spacetech company EnduroSat, and Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and co-founder of sustainability tech startup Plan A.

The Program Hive will be the main stage at the event where participants will hear lecturers who have vast experience in the fields of business and entrepreneurship, politics, and journalism. The talks will be hosted by Hristo Boyadzhiev, founder and CEO of Tuk-Tam. The Hot Hive zone is the innovation spot at the event, supported by the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO) and The Recursive, where our team will be talking on-stage with some of the most influential local entrepreneurs that shape the Bulgarian and regional startup ecosystems. 

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People who join Hive 2021 will also have access to the Talent and Skills Labs, a series of interactive workshops, where they will be able to improve their professional profile and learn about successful performance in the public space, the skills of the future, and how to look for a job in Bulgaria. 

The company area of the event will give participants the chance to meet and talk to representatives of businesses, such as Gtmhub, Paysafe,, and Accenture. The Buzz Hive area will offer an opportunity for structured networking to attendees, who will meet professionals with whom they share common interests and career aspirations. 

Hive 2020 event

The Tuk-Tam team at Hive 2020, © Tuk-Tam

Connecting Bulgarians no matter where they are

Tuk-Tam NGO has been led by the mission to support young Bulgarians through initiatives and programs of education, professional and personal development, and community building. Back in June 2020, the organization launched its platform that serves both as a meeting place for its global network of Bulgarians who are looking to re-engage and contribute from abroad, and as a job portal with over 150 companies from a variety of fields. Currently, the platform is used by 12 000 people and has over 200 mentors who are committed to helping the Bulgarian youth develop professionally.

Tuk-Tam was recently shortlisted among the 13 finalists of the Impact Challenge Central and Eastern Europe. The NGO received a grant and access to Google’s mentoring program to develop a matching mentorship program, aimed at students, that would help them gain new skills and join the digital economy.

At the beginning of July 2021, the Tuk-Tam Scholarship Fund “Go, Study and Come Back” announced supporting eight new prospective Bulgarians through investing around €31.8K.  The organization has helped 30 students to pursue their education so far, investing over  €107K in scholarships. The funds are raised year-round by Tuk-Tam members through their membership fees and donations by individuals and organizations, such as America for Bulgaria Foundation, Motion Software, PostScriptum Ventures, and Playtech.

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