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Nomad Excel Bootcamp: From Bansko Success to Montenegro Opportunity

Bansko Nomads together in front of the mountain
Image credit: Nomad Excel Bootcamp, Bansko May 2024
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The recent Nomad Excel Bootcamp in Bansko, Bulgaria has proven to be a significant milestone in entrepreneurial education for the local ecosystem. Held in May, the program brought together a diverse group of participants, including serial entrepreneurs, CTOs, travel bloggers, recruitment agency professionals, and aspiring business owners from all around the world. 

Participants shared:

“I started my own brand, my own business.”

“Now I have a very clear vision and mission.”

“I feel like I can actually do this..”

“It made me a lot more confident in my abilities.” 

“I met many fellow entrepreneurs with a similar mindset.”

The Bansko bootcamp’s success stemmed from its focus on practical learning, personal guidance, and mentorship. Participants engaged in developing and scaling their business ideas through hands-on experiences tailored to their individual needs.

“I learned a lot about marketing, ideation, and more. One side effect is the improved relationship with my business partner. This is a great tool I now have in my arsenal,” shared Alex Kaganovich, CTO at Starry Tales.

Another key outcome of the Bansko event was the formation of the Nomad Excel Alumni community. This network continues to thrive beyond the bootcamp, creating a space where entrepreneurs support, inspire, and empower each other. The connections and partnerships formed during the program are expected to have lasting impacts on participants’ entrepreneurial journeys.

Coming up next: Kotor

Building on this success, Nomad Excel is now preparing for its next bootcamp in Kotor, Montenegro. Scheduled for August 7-15, 2024, the Kotor program aims to offer a similar transformative experience in a new, inspiring setting.

The upcoming bootcamp will be held in Kotor, a picturesque town nestled between Montenegro’s rugged mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Priced at 2400 EUR, the program is currently open for applications.

The Kotor curriculum will cover key areas including Models & Ideation, Soft Skills & Personal Training, and Marketing & Business Development. Specific focuses include:

  • Vision & Goals: Imparting basic concepts of entrepreneurship and initiating the idea formation process.
  • Business Focus: Teaching sustainable business model development using tools like the Business Model Canvas.
  • Proactive Opportunities: Emphasizing the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on creativity and resilience.
  • Essential Tools: Introducing participants to necessary technological tools and analytical models.
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Some of the learning sessions in Bansko

The bootcamp package includes active participation in the program, accommodation in a private room at Kotor Nest, access to a coworking space, and various community activities throughout the week.

As Nomad Excel prepares for this next chapter, the organization continues its mission of fostering entrepreneurship in unique, inspiring locations. The Kotor bootcamp represents an opportunity for individuals to develop their business acumen while experiencing the rich history and natural beauty of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast.


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