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Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms for Your Southeast European Startup

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The initial stages of owning a startup are far from easy, with funding often proving to be the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs. Luckily, funding sources have become more abundant and diverse in recent years. Crowdfunding platforms for startups, for instance, have proven their efficiency in the last two decades. Craft beer company Brewdog and your favorite phone holder Popsockets would not be where they are currently without the massive success of their campaigns.

When a company relies on equity crowdfunding, a large number of investors obtain a stake in it, sometimes for as little as $100. One of the biggest advantages of this means of financing are the publicity and media attention a startup can attract, as well as the relatively easier process of acquiring funds, compared to private equity funding for example.

The Recursive compiled a list of crowdfunding platforms for startups, which might prove useful for founders looking to fund their projects.

Crowdfunding platforms for startups that SEE projects can tap into

Name: Kickstarter
CEO: Azis Hasan
About: Kickstarter is the go-to platform for many entrepreneurs worldwide, due to its proven ability to stimulate relationships between startups and investors. Moreover, Kickstarter’s simplified interface makes it an appealing option for anyone with a bright idea.
Successful SEE fundings: CircuitMess (CRO) – more than $1.5 million; DiFOLD (BG) – $190K; Miret (CRO) – $724K

Name: Indiegogo
CEO: Becky Center
About: Indiegogo is a worthy alternative for tech and innovation startups. Perhaps the most appealing feature of the platform is the option for both fixed and flexible funding. In addition, campaigns can stay active for up to 120 days, giving a chance for the projects to be marketed sufficiently.
Successful SEE fundings: AYO (BG) – $400K

Name: Seedblink
CEO: Carmen Sebe
About: Seeblink has been a popular choice among tech startups, as the platform provides access to funding from one of the biggest networks of investment in Europe. It is catered towards fintech, traveltech, foodtech and many others, with sourcing, vetting and financing being their forte.
Successful SEE fundings: FLOWX.AI (RO) seed round; Dronamics (BG) – €900K; Soleadify (RO)

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Name: Ronin
CEO: Bogdan Ramasi
About: Ronin is a blockchain platform, which relies on creating a transparent and open relationship between the investor and the entrepreneurs. Their reach is not limited to tech, either. Any business can apply for funding through their website.
Successful SEE fundings: Repsmate (RO) – €378K; Softlead (RO) – €24oK

Name: Ventu
Director: Luka Pejovic
About: Ventu, a Serbian crowdfunding platform, provides group investment, based on a loan and equity based crowdinvesting. A benefit, which Ventu provides its users is advice for their management, marketing, taxes, and PR.
Successful SEE fundings: Forest Secret (SRB) – €40K raised

Name: Crowdcube
CEO: Darren Westlake
About: With its 1.2M members and more than 1000 funded businesses, Crowdcube provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow, as it provides seed, early and growth funding. Moreover, expert insights are a stone’s throw away, with networking opportunities available.
Successful SEE fundings:Plum (UK-Greece), Clippings (UK-BG)

Name: Startengine
CEO: Howard Marks
About: Startengine welcomes any type of startup to apply for crowdfunding, especially considering the large amount of funds, typically invested on the platform. Its acquisition of its alternative Seedinvest only serves in favor of Startengine, with the future looking bright for both investors and startups in Europe.

Name: Fundable
CEO: Wil Schroter
About: Fundable takes a very hands-on approach when it comes to crowdfunding – their website facilitates a successful investment with lessons and infographics. Users of Fundable are mostly startups with an already determined plan for investment. If successful, businesses can enjoy low fees and excellent customer support.

Name: Seedrs
CEO: Jeff Kelisky
About: If you are a UK-based company, chances are you would rely on Seedrs for your crowdfunding. However, the platform is operating in Europe with great success. Seedrs manages to overcome a big hurdle for entrepreneurs – communicating with investors, through managing their funds and paperwork.
Successful SEE fundings: iFactor (RO) – €700K

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Name: Seedinvest
CEO: Ryan Feit
About: Seedinvest, recently bought by Startengine, breaks the mold when it comes to crowdfunding platforms, as non-accredited investors have access to investment opportunities with as little as $1000. They have a limited choice of businesses to invest in, though. Seedinvest facilitates vetted companies, so startups need to go through their rigorous process before they are eligible for funds.

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