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The fintech investor community comes together at the upcoming Visa Innovation Program Demo Day

Visa Innovation Program
Image credit: Visa Innovation Program

In the past couple of years alone, the CEE ecosystem witnessed the emergence of almost 300 new fintech startups, and saw the closing of almost 70 funding rounds at a combined value of over €800M. Supported by a developing regional ecosystem of investors, corporates, mentors, and venture capital funds, fintech companies are slowly but surely growing, perfecting their product-market fit, and expanding into international markets. 

To showcase the progress of the startups participating in the third season of the Visa Innovation Program, and open the floor for ecosystem networking, Visa, Eleven Ventures, Crowdpolicy, and Hackquarters will host the half-day virtual Visa Innovation Program Demo Day. The event will take place on the 1st of December, from 3 PM EET, gathering all participants in an interactive online format. 

With a lot of opportunities to make meaningful connections, the event will feature speeches by leading ecosystem entrepreneurs, VCs, fintech experts, and media. With no doubt, every participant will find some food for thought about the future of our finances. But what is the special value-added for the investors? 

Networking and investment opportunities one screen away

The goal of the Visa Innovation Program Demo Day is to provide all participants with a truly interactive experience that initiates conversations, stimulates networking, and opens opportunities for future synergies and partnerships in the regional fintech ecosystem.

Venture capital investors, business angels, and corporate venture arms will have the chance to watch 18 startup pitches for anything that’s fintech – BNPL, open banking, loyalty, wealth management, financial literacy, and inclusion. They will also take part in live Q&A sessions, join in-session discussions and meet rising fintech entrepreneurs in the startup expo zone. All 18 of the companies, part of the third cohort of the Visa Innovation Program, will be making live pitches to present their fintech solutions and highlight the growth that their startups experienced at the end of the accelerator.

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Knowledge-sharing is also in the spotlight. The investors community will hear some valuable ecosystem insights from speakers such as Sevdalina Vassileva who is General manager Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Visa. 

Who will the investors meet at the event?

Even though there will be many regional entrepreneurs participating in the event as part of the audience with whom investors can network 1:1, the focus will be on the graduates from the Visa Innovation Program Season 3. At the Startup Expo Booths, investors will be able to get acquainted with each of the 18 startups which are open to establishing stronger connections with the regional ecosystem.

Some of the fintech startups at the Expo booth will be FineDine, an AI ordering and restaurant management platform, the buy-now-pay-later platform Finloup, the omnichannel payment provider Fondy, and Wealthyhood, the first DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors.


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