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Elevate Your Presentation Game at Present to Succeed Hybrid Event

Female Presented at Present to Succeed event
Image credit: Dimitar Chilov. Iva Nachkova, Co-founder at Present to Succeed at the previous edition of the conference.
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Do you want to become a better presenter, public speaker, or both? Do you want to be able to express your ideas and opinions without having to bear the burden of stress or anxiety? We have the right place for you. The Present to Succeed event, one of the largest presentation skills conferences, is going hybrid in 2023.

What: Present To Succeed: Let’s talk HYBRID

Where: Sofia Event Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and also online on their website

When: 28th of April 2023. Tickets are available here. (Use code TheRecursive20 for 20% off!)

Last year the event took place online and gathered more than 3000 attendees from over 50 countries. This year the hybrid mode will be not only how the conference is structured, but also a central theme on stage.

Boris Hristov, Founder of Present to Succeed and Presentation Agency 356labs explains why:

“Hybrid is already the new way of work for many organizations and industries. It’s no coincidence our customers regularly ask us how they should prepare, design, and deliver effective presentations for this new reality; they already see it’s a different game. Presenting in front of an online audience is hard. But having people online and in person all at once – that’s a  real challenge! And that’s what Present to Succeed 2023 aims to help with.”

Besides the opportunity to elevate your presentation game by interacting with skillful storytellers and public speakers, the conference offers a chance to expand your network of marketing, sales, HR, and tech professionals and entrepreneurs.

 Who are the speakers at Present To Succeed

Over 20 presentation experts from various backgrounds and representing different industries will arrive in Sofia to share their knowledge and expertise.

Among them you can spot:

Stefan Verra is a body language keynote speaker, bestselling author, and guest lecturer. He has consulted businesses, political organizations, universities, etc.

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Katya Kovalenko – a presentation and data designer and instructor, based in Barcelona. She has a background in Communication and Advertising and believes that Less is More when it comes to design and communication.

Florian Mueck – an expert on storytelling, rhetoric, and charisma. In 2009 he decided to turn his lifetime passion for Public Speaking into a profession and since then he hasn’t stopped helping people forget their fear of public speaking ever existed. Some brands he has worked with are Microsoft, SAP, and Mast-Jägermeister.

Virtual meetings with the speakers will be available to both in-person and online attendees.

The Story of Present to Succeed

The conference is organized by the presentation agency 365labs and it was launched in 2021 as a global online event that aims to help business professionals write, design, and deliver effective presentations. So far, the conference has had two editions.

The team of 356labs was born out of a protest against bad presentations in 2015. Since then, they have helped thousands of employees how to present with confidence and their goal is to make effective presenters the norm, not the exception. They have helped their partners win more than 100 million euros in investments, by providing their employees with knowledge of public speaking.

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