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5 Reasons why startup founders should join the upcoming Visa Innovation Program Demo Day

A picture of previous Visa Innovation Program Demo Day
Image credit: Visa Innovation Program

Earlier in 2021, the third season of the Visa Innovation Program went beyond country borders and welcomed 18 emerging fintech startups based all over Europe. This approach provided participants with access to a bigger network of investors, clients, and mentors as well as increased opportunities for international visibility. 

Now, several months, many design sprints, trainings, and workshops later, the organizers – Eleven Ventures, Crowdpolicy, and Hackquarters are inviting the broader fintech community for Visa Innovation Program Demo Day. Scheduled to start on December 1, at 3 pm EET, the virtual event promises insights into the impact of financial technology across all industries, next to opportunities for high-quality networking.  Here’s more on the main reasons why tech entrepreneurs may want to tune in.

Learn what it takes to build a globally scalable business

For those looking to grow their ventures, the Demo Day program will provide plenty of inspiration. Over the course of the day, you will be able to hear the stories of many fast-growing startups, join a dedicated fireside chat: “The art of fundraising. On the path to the land of unicorns.”, and participate in live Q&A sessions to have your questions answered. 

Discover the next big trends in fintech

With speakers at the forefront of global fintech innovation, for example, Marni Kruppa, Head of Fintech Europe at Visa, you can be one of the first to see what’s coming in the world of finance, e-commerce, and payments. In addition, you can dive deeper into more specialized topics like financial literacy,  open banking, BNPL, wealth management, loyalty solutions and urban mobility.

Connect with VCs  and investors

Some of the top venture capital and angel investors in Central and Eastern Europe have already registered for the event and most of them are actively looking to connect with promising founders from the region. Don’t miss the opportunity to do some networking and start building relationships for your next funding round.

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Explore how fintech is changing other industries

Fintech solutions have exceeded the boundaries of the financial and banking sectors and are now transforming many other verticals – retail, transportation, healthcare, marketing, and even space travel. Make sure to get further insight into the world’s transition to an integrated customer experience and the role of fintech infrastructure in that process. 

Meet potential startup partners

Last but not least, the previous editions of Visa Innovation Program have seen numerous partnerships between participating startups (and with other Program stakeholders such as merchants, super APPs, banks and financial institutions and governments, too). If you stop by the Expo Area during the Demo Day on December 1st and meet this year’s batch, you might also find synergies and potential for growth-oriented collaboration.


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